garden update

I’ve been very happy today to have electricity some of the time. It has been off for several hours, then on, then off, on, off, and on again and that has made life a lot easier today. This afternoon, while it was off, I got to do a bit out in the garden. It was a beautiful day and I’d hoped to replant rocket seeds for salads. I didn’t get that far, however, but I got a lot done even still.

I turned over a long section of about 1 foot wide by 7 feet long in preparation for planting. It was an area I’d let sit fallow for the last 2 and a bit months after adding a lot of compost and additional eggshells. Last summer I had the cucumbers and squash planted there. I was happy to see wriggly earthworms in it and very few weeds and it was a nice middle-brown colour and easy to till with my trowel. Then I wanted to harvest the radishes I planted nearly two months ago. Oh well. They’ve got nice green, though spindly, tops but nary a radish bulb in sight. I’d planted them in soil that had no amendments to it (e.g., rocky, sand) and so I shouldn’t be surprised but I am disappointed.

I finished the garden path and the ‘watering and harvesting’ stepping stone placement. The city has been pulling up the paving stones on our sidewalks in various spots, doing something underneath and replacing them with the existing or new bricklets, and the workers were happy to hand off seven of the brick squares (each slightly wider than two regular bricks sitting next to each other but about half as thick) that had chipped corners to me. There were more than seven, actually, but that was how many I was able to lug, one at a time, the block homeward. I’ve now got a little walkway down the middle of the garden and several stones I can step over onto to plant, water, weed, and harvest in the further reaches.

I recycled one non-productive tomato plant and did considerable weeding in that area. I hauled the fallen-over tree that has well and truly died off into the corner of the yard and tilled a 1 X 1 row about 6 feet long in that area. I’m going to try squash there — I got zero squash last year but, perhaps, if I try it in this new spot and started in early March rather than early July, I’ll get something. At least the plants will look nicer against that wall than the rampant weeds in that area.

I’ve got to make the trek to the gardening center to buy a big bag of potting soil. I’ve been putting it off because it is such a tiring chore and one that sucks up a lot more time than I’ve been able to spare: Nearly a mile mostly uphill and a couple of hours of lugging. Trying to start seeds without real potting soil, however, has produced pretty much zippo.


5 responses to “garden update”

  1. Lynne says :

    Buy yourself a sturdy little cart for hauling things. Really. It’s worth it for the ease and convenience. I used one from Office Max for teaching, but it was on the fragile side, not meant for heavy objects and the amount of things I was taking to and from school added up to a heavy load. I ended up breaking the first one that I got and was more careful with the replacement, but there are carts that are meant to carry groceries and other heavy items and I suggest that you get yourself one of those. Truly worth it.

  2. tddpirate says :

    Not nice to say it, but the usual method in Israel seems to be to liberate such a cart from one of the evil slave-cart owners, otherwise known as supermarkets, in exchange for a 5NIS coin.

  3. israeliminx says :

    Ema– I do own a little pull cart and the time and effort takes that benefit into account. It would be impossible without one.

    Pirate — I’m not that evil yet but considering it.

  4. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check email asap.

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