damn the water people

Remember last summer when I thought my water had been cut off for lack of payment or something? So. when I called (I wasn’t over-due then. the whole buildings’ water was off), I set it up so the payments would go on my credit card and thus out of my bank every two months, without my having to worry, because keeping track of bills that come every month is one thing but ones that only come every two months is beyond my organizational skills. When the water bills arrive, I’ve just shoved them into the bills box without more than a glance to see how much it was for. Ahh, should have read further.

Yeah, they cut my water off today. I had to hike way the hell to the water company in person to find out what was wrong. The payments were not, in fact, coming out of my account or on my credit card. Nope, for 8 full months, my water bills have just been coming but I’ve not been paying. The other problem, at least as far as they were concerned, was that last year my water bills were like 40 sheks a month and since about October they’ve only been between 6-7 sheks a month. They thought something fishy was afoot.

Nope. I’ve just become a master at water conservation. I used to rinse my dishes under running water rather than doing the old-fashioned rinse-by-dunking into a container of clean water. I went back to the way my grandmother and mother washed dishes and now do the dunk-o-rama. I also save the rinse water (and the water from when I rinse my hands) for mopping the floor daily and cleaning the bathtub and sinks. Whenever it rains, I take down two of the emptied litter boxes and let mother nature do the rinsing.

I had to pay an eye-boggling amount though — about 100 sheks in fines for being over-due, another 140 sheks for them to come and turn it back on today –I could have saved 10 sheks if I wanted to go without until tomorrow — some 18 sheks that the girl said I shouldn’t owe for something and may get back but she couldn’t reach the ‘person in charge’ to clarify her clearing it off my account, the 8 months of arrears and (maybe) finally got it set up so that it will actually come out of my account automatically via credit card. I’m going to be reading the damn things carefully when they arrive from now on. In the meantime, I’m waiting for them to turn it back on.


7 responses to “damn the water people”

  1. Lynne says :

    A little news bulletin for ya. Your grandmother was a chemist, and believe me, she dunked the dishes in rinse water, but then she followed up with rinsing under running water. She maintained that you could never get them properly rinsed by dunking them in rinse water, though this is what my father wanted her to do (what his mom did). It may actually use less water to rinse under running water.

  2. Mac says :

    Seems like Israel has a lot of “disjointed” going on…

  3. Larry007 says :

    Yael, paying automatically from your bank account or credit card is a bad idea. They make “mistakes” very often and you discover(at best) late or never. Then good luck trying to get your money back. I have personal experience with this kind of “mistakes” and it’s always a pain in the tusik. Much better to receive the bill and actually check it before you pay, it’s Israel after all where things go by “ihie beseder”.

    • Lynne says :

      Larry007, this sounds like a really good idea! I know that it’s tempting to do an automatic payment, but with utilities I agree that it’s not a good idea. If the bill is extremely high, for example, it may indicate a leak or a problem that needs to be investigated. If the payment comes out automatically, it would not be noticed.

  4. israeliminx says :

    I’ll take peace of mind and having continuing water/electric etc over getting ripped off. Take my electric, for instance. Whether I was paying every time the bill came or it is an automatic, my electricity bill skyrockets in the summer when it should decrease massively and no amount of calling, arguing, screaming has made a shred of difference. With the long, completely sunny days, I turn on the lights much later, I don’t have an air-conditioner and it is so hot that I’d rather shoot myself than turn on the electric water heater. Nonetheless, my electric bills triple in the summer.

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