top Obama officials now calling Jerusalem “Al Quds”

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

This guy is not only one of Obama’s chief advisers, he’s also the top nominee Obama wants for the head of the CIA:

Oh yeah, and check out this 2008 Hagel speech where he said that even if Iran nuked another 6 million Jews in Israel out of existence, the U.S. should do nothing and just continue to try to ‘engage’ Iran in talks: Hidden Hagel speech surfaces


7 responses to “top Obama officials now calling Jerusalem “Al Quds””

  1. Lynne says :

    Just when I believe that Obama could not get worse or cause more worldwide instability, he does.
    I am also just furious at those in the GOP that hold insane views, intolerant attitudes, and extreme views that so few can relate to, effectively pushing people away from the Republican Party.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    As Obama is a closet Muslim and a bogus convert to Christianity, it is therefore no surprise that he wants this pro-Muslim worshipper John Brennan at a position of power with Obama’s administration!!

    Obama will, after four more years, put the US deficit at an astronomical more than $20 TRILLION OF US DEFICIT!!!! Many generations of American taxpayers will have to pay to only decrease this US deficit, as many billions of interests must be paid on this huge US deficit every single year!!!

    • israeliminx says :

      Starting to believe there may be some truth to that Wipe, given his actions, but there are a serious number of folks on the looniest side of the left who aren’t Muslim and who hold the same crazy views and goals.

      • WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

        Yes, Yael, you are right also concerning the left, the Democrats in the USA!! And considering the fact that most American Jews have been supporting very strongly the Democrats over many decades, it is nothing short of very shocking to say the least!!!

        It should be a lesson for the Jewish people of always relying on themselves and on their OWN interests instead of following “blindly” the interests of particular countries or, even worse, following the interests of the consensus the world might have concerning Israel!!
        One of many examples, Egypt. Jimmy Carter, a highly biased pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian “fanatic” who revealed his true allegiance only many years after dealing with Israel, Jimmy Carter coerced Israel into committing the unthinkable, “accepting peace based on a land for peace” agreement. Such a peace agreement will NEVER EVER work long-term!! In fact, it might cost Israel long-term many more pains!! As other Arab countries will claim the same kind of “land for peace agreement” that Egypt successfully and wrongly obtained at the expense of the Israelis who gave their lives to fight for Israel. One such country is Syria!!

        I know how evil most Muslims are (99% of them!!) when it pertains to Jews, to Israelis and to Israel, as sad as it might be to have to draw such a negative conclusion, it is the sad reality that Israelis and Jews must acknowledge honestly!
        It is narrated at many places in the Koran (the evil book of Islam, what I call the book of hate) and in other important Muslim writings that Muslims should use any subterfuge, any deception available to dupe, to mislead their opponents in order to accomplish victories. And even falsely converting to another religion is one of many suggestions that were made in various Muslim writings!

        The assumption that I made a few years ago that “Obama is a closet Muslim and a bogus convert to Christianity” is based on MANY little facts directly related to Obama that basically have now been so many and so compelling that I have to, I am forced to put the stamp of truth on this assumption.
        That is how a critical thinker and a logical mind work when assessing an assumption. You gather facts against and for this assumption and when you have gathered many facts, you simply reassess your assumption and finally you make a final conclusion using all the facts in favor and against your assumption.
        In case of Obama, I am 99% convinced that my assumption is true, accurate simply because, over the years, I have gathered too many facts in support of my assumption to discard them. Having said that, I always leave 1% to consider that my assumption might be false.

  3. tddpirate says :

    Either that or an extreme Right Wing faction kidnapped the true Yaeli and installed a duplicate, who is busy spreading extreme Right Wing propaganda and character assassination of the peaceful lovers of peaceful coexistence and champions of human rights and prioritizing human lives over plots of real estate.

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    John Brennan is not only a pro-Muslim worshipper, apparently he seems to have converted to Islam years ago in Saudi Arabia!!!
    How on earth would any rational American put a Muslim in charge of the CIA if the president is not himself a closet Muslim?!!!
    Read “Shock claim: Obama picks Muslim for CIA chief” at

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