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Yesterday was all kitties all the time day. In the morning I had to take Little Mouse into the vet for his steroid shot. He didn’t do as well with that last shot as he’d been doing on the one before, where he’d actually gone two months between. I’d hoped we’d see that again but this last time around he never did get back up to ‘full speed.’ I got home with him and soon after got a call from my usual pet store that they were completely out of stock of large bags of scoop-able kitty litter not only at their branch but all the other branches they’d called. This was unfortunate because I had three big bags that were pre-paid I was expecting to be waiting for me (they’ve got a buy 5 at once and get one free deal and since I go through at least 3 bags a week, this is a g-dsend in savings). So I had to run to the pet store that is located a few blocks further on from where I’d just been at the vet to see if they had any. I don’t usually shop there because the stuff they carry is at a much higher price. Lucky for me, they did have plenty on hand. Unlucky for me, their delivery guy was off sick. This meant I had to run back home and get my grocery cart and then make three trips back and forth to the store (about 6 blocks away) and to lug those 40 pound bags up the stairs one by one to my apartment.

No rest for the weary with the shops being on the verge of closing, I had to immediately run out again to the grocery store to grab necessary perishables and some dish washing liquid. I did quite enjoy seeing all the kids out and about dressed in their Purim costumes on their way to parties. The streets were full of little princesses and kings, fairies and pirates. The little girls upstairs went as a set of geisha girls in long kimonos their mother had sewn up for them and were simply adorable.

Then I got home and got back to grading. I’ve got one set of exams fully graded except for totting up the points, and one set of final papers fully graded. Today I’ve begun tackling the final set of exams and, sadly, much longer papers. There is no way I’ll be able to complete them today — they take up two shelves completely in my big ‘china’ cabinet and two drawers full of my plastic filing/storage bins. Time to slog on!


One response to “just stuff”

  1. Lynne says :

    Definitely, you had a hectic and busy day. Good luck with the grading, and keep us posted on Little Mouse’s condition.

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