Gaza terrorists fire grad rocket at civilians in Ashkelon

The rocket landed on a road in the city’s industrial zone, causing some damage. This was the first time a rocket was fired at Israel since the conclusion of Operation Pillar of Defense,in November.

A security source said that an initial examination of the rocket’s remnants showed that it was an 8″ projectile with an improved mid-to-long range. The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Fatah’s military wing, claimed responsibility for the fire.


4 responses to “Gaza terrorists fire grad rocket at civilians in Ashkelon”

  1. Lynne says :

    Fox carried the article but I haven’t seen it anyplace else yet. I think that Israel must be seen to be actively and constantly pursuing a peace agreement, and then whatever the response to those overtures is will be seen, too. There is never anything in the media about that.

  2. Mike says :

    How can Fatah have a military wing that shoots rockets at Israeli civilians? I thought they were the moderates. (This is just a joke people.)

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    And Gaza will fire rockets into Israel as long as the inhabitants of Gaza will be allowed to stay “living” in Gaza or should I say preparing for the next salvo?!!

    Oh, yes, there will be breaks like there is a break for a battery to recharge or when the conditions for a full assault against Israel are not good.

    Make no mistakes, the complete end LONG-TERM, FOREVER of the launching of rockets from Gaza into Israel will happen for good only when Israel will take the decision to get rid of all the inhabitants of Gaza and reclaim their sovereignty on a piece of land (Gaza) that, officially according to the UN, is Israeli!!!!

    No joking, Gaza is Israeli land according to the UN but Israeli Jews are not allowed to live over there!!! And these Muslims would want to do the same for not only the West Bank but for Tel-Aviv, Haifa, you name it basically!!!

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Here is what a supposedly friend of Israel, Turkey, said recently.
    To put in perspective this idea that Muslims or Muslim countries could be friends with Israel!!
    Read “Erdogan calls Zionism a ‘crime against humanity’ ” at

    And check more closely The Times of Israel that I have just discovered and that seems interesting at
    In particular, there is an interesting article on water in Israel that you might find interesting reading even for Israelis. Read “How Israel beat the drought | The Times of Israel” at

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