happy not to have made another unintended trip to Tel Aviv

People who know me well know that when I am reading something intently a bomb could go off near me and I’d not even hear it. It turns out, I also don’t realize when my bus has passed its stop. On Tuesday night my already very long day got even longer. After finishing my last class on Tuesday, I’ll usually arrive home around 10:30 in the evening this semester (11 if students have questions for me after the class and so I miss the bus). It was midnight when I got home this Tuesday because I was so intently grading a paper that I didn’t realize the bus had passed my stop. Having finished one paper, I had looked up somewhere in hod HaSharon and decided that I should be able to get a good bit done grading one more. Well, the next thing I knew was that the bus had not only pulled over but that the lights went off. Yeah, it was the bus going dark that did it. I looked up. I was alone. There was not another soul on what had been a crowded bus. Confused, I stood up and asked the driver, who was surprised to see me pop up, “What happened?”

Oh, did you fall asleep? (No, I was grading a..never mind) We’re at the end of the line. End of the line, er exactly where is the end of the line?! Yeah, I was at the Central Bus station in Tel Aviv.

Argh, and, with an early morning class on Wednesday, that meant a less than 4 hours of sleep by the time I finally did get home and fix something to eat (I’d not eaten all day except for a bagele– known in the U.S. as a soft pretzel).

The good thing I learned yesterday was that the final set of exams and papers I’ve been frantically grading every minute of my waking day (plus half of a waking night) and that I thought were due to be returned yesterday (and I’m only half-way through them, so clearly not) are, in fact, not due until next week. I went in to tell them that, I was really sorry, but there is simply no way I can get them done before Friday and that would mean pulling all-nighters to do it. I mean, the papers alone are more than 1300 pages to read and mark and make detailed comments on, and the exams nearly that much again. I was like, wait, what, next Wednesday? They wrote down that the due date was today. Yeah, turns out they put down the wrong Wednesday date. I could have fallen on the floor in relief.

Another good thing that happened yesterday was that the techie guys at the university were finally able to find time to create an electronic signature for me that I need to put on some legal documents, as well as being able to insert into things like recommendation letters for students applying to grad school. The legal documents are pressing, however, and I’ve got to send them off today. I’d planned to send those documents off last night but when I got home around 9 I simply fell into bed. I didn’t grade or read a darn thing on the bus trip home last night!


3 responses to “happy not to have made another unintended trip to Tel Aviv”

  1. Lynne says :

    Gotta take the bad with the good… such a long day! Rest when you can to revive yourself!

  2. Larry007 says :

    Line 551 ?

  3. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check your email 🙂

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