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Chag Sameach!

I’m about to veg out, literally. In a few minutes I’m going to be stopping by the store just up the street to collect a large amount of tomatoes and other veggies that won’t still be good on Tuesday when stores re-open. I went by there this morning to get some eggs and instant coffee and the store manager (who was tickled pink last week to see pictures of the celery growing in my garden –celery I’d bought from them) told me to come back at a quarter to 5 and he’d have all the veggies that they didn’t sell today ready for me to take home and eat or, those that are too far gone, compost for the garden. One of the things I really like about living in Bnei Brak are the connections I’ve made with folks in my neighbourhood — this little store, the post office folks, and many of my neighbours.

The neighbours, by the way, are really happy about the flowers I’ve put in. Everytime they see me, they are like wow, you are making the yard so pretty. This afternoon, while out watering, the vad bayit came up and asked if I could think of something to put in the area at our entrance to the apartment. So far, everything that is there has died, including the two impatien plants I’d put in (well, one of them is near death, the other totally toast — he was like, what happened to the pretty flowers you put here? Eh yeah). The problem is, that particular spot gets no direct or even dappled sun. Ever. So the evergreens that line our entrance do okay everywhere else along the line but not there. Dead as doornails. I really thought the impatiens would do ok there because I’ve grown them in ‘no sun’ locales before and they did great so long as they got enough water. I can’t tell whether it is a case of this just being too deeply shaded or whether it was because when the vad waters he isn’t exactly gentle about it with the nozzle-less hose (except for those two plants, I water everything else I put in myself with my little watering can).

I’d really like to get some flowers (preferably perennial) there to brighten things up but am open to other suggestions, so long as it isn’t bushes etc because of the cost. I’m wondering if thyme would do okay. Any ideas from you more handy gardening folks? 🙂


Morsi promised to smuggle Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri back to Egypt, MB arrests popular TV comedian

This does not seem to be being reported in the mainstream news — I’ve not even seen it on Fox as of yet.

From The Blaze:

According to a new report published in the Arabic-language news outlet Misr al-Gidida and translated by Islam expert Raymond Ibrahim, Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi’s secretly met with al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri while in Islamabad, Pakistan. During the visit, Morsi reportedly promised to smuggle the Egyptian-born jihadist back to his native country.

According to the report, a Pakistani source said the clandestine meeting was “facilitated by elements of Pakistani intelligence [ISI] and influential members of the international organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Zawahiri is, of course, an alumnus of the Brotherhood who allegedly tired of the group’s more patient-approach to world domination.

Ibrahim translates that the Pakistani source said that the meeting lasted 45 minutes during which Morsi pledged to make preparations for Zawahiri’s return. The source also said that Morsi indicated that “some Muslim Brotherhood members would handle the operation, by first smuggling the al-Qaeda leader to a Gulf nation, likely Qatar, and then easily transferring him to Egypt—on condition that Zawahiri disappear lest he embarrass Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood with its American ally, whose security and intelligence agencies consider Zawahiri most wanted.

In further limiting freedom of speech and instilling fear, the Muslim Brotherhood has ordered the arrest of Egypt's version of Jon Stewart for cracking jokes about Morsi and the government and "insulting Islam"on his program. has the scoop on that:

Bassem Youssef, a comedian, hosts a popular weekly show called El Bernameg, or “The Program,” which has been described as being a “platform for lampooning the government, opposition, media and clerics.

Yousef’s lawyer, Gamal Eid, said the warrant is part of a widening campaign by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government to use the prosecution as a “tool” to go after the “regime’s opposition,” including media personalities, activists, and those who publicly criticize Morsi.

Morsi’s attempts to arrest media figures critical of him is part of a broader battle between Morsi and his “Islamist allies in one camp” and “a mostly secular and liberal opposition backed by moderate Muslims, minority Christians and a large segment of women in the other.”

According to reports, Islamist lawyers have frequently sued Youssef for “corrupting morals,” violating “religious principles,” and insulting President Mohammed Morsi. But this is the first time an arrest warrant has been issued.

The Associated Press noted that Yousef said on his Twitter account he will turn himself in on Sunday before sarcastically adding, “Unless they kindly send a police van today and save me the transportation hassle.”

Meanwhile, Egypt is hosting and toasting the leaders of Hamas in Cairo and they’ve resumed commercial flights with Iran this week. American taxpayer dollars at work.

Awesome: Our energy independence began today

The first natural gas began flowing today from the Tamar gas field, the smaller of the two gas fields discovered in our territorial waters (the Leviathan is aptly named and much, much bigger). The Tamar gas field alone will give us complete electrical energy independence until 2035. Hopefully it will also lower the cost of electricity for us consumers as well.

Our electrical bills shot up 25% following Egypt’s cancellation of the contract sending us gas via their pipeline. The terrorists kept blowing it up and the Muslim Brotherhood is not overly fond of us.

It is not going to be a massive economic boon the way the larger Leviathan field will be as no taxes will be paid on the Tamar field until the investors have doubled the profit beyond what they invested, so money won’t start filling state coffers until something like 2023. The deal made with the investors of the Leviathan field were not so pro-investor and so when it comes online in two years it will much more quickly boost the economy and make the state treasury flush with money. Still, the Tamar natural gas field will contribute NIS 12 billion to Israel’s economy in 2013 alone, experts are saying now, which is a lot more than the NIS 6 billion to NIS 8 billion estimated by the Bank of Israel and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The reason for this is that the Bank of Israel was looking only at the money directly brought in by the gas field and not including the savings the State will get from not importing the much more expensive petroleum.

It will have other indirect effects that will boost the economy in the next few years. Our debt is going to be able to be significantly reduced, the cheaper electrical cost will lower production costs for many of our industries and products, and once the cost of electricity comes down, people will have more in their pockets to spend on things like cottage cheese 🙂 Initially, however, our electric prices are going to go up (6% in April and possibly a further 3% in July) to cover the initial land-side production costs of the gas. By this time next year, however, electric cost should drop significantly.


So on Monday afternoon I went to the Maccabi equivalent of a Doc in a Box about my eye because when I woke up I discovered it had started really swelling overnight. Given it is the holidays, specialists and non-tenured doctors are pretty much on holiday, including my family doctor and my dermatologist. The guy I saw upped the antibiotic prescription, told me to put hot compresses on it for 10 minutes every hour, gave me some sterile gauze and an eyepatch (Har Matey!) to keep it as sterile as possible in between, and told me not to wear my glasses (Dude, I’m legally blind). He said he thought the swelling was a good thing, that it was a sign that my body was fighting the infection and that it was going to resolve itself (we’ll just say it would pop) on its own but that if it didn’t and even if it did, I should see my dermatologist next week. If it got significantly worse or more painful, I should go to the emergency room. In the last couple of days I’ve discovered how Little Mouse must feel, walking around in a Monet painting. Early this morning I woke up feeling something different. My eye was gummed shut. Without going into details, sometime in the night, it had popped.

It isn’t totally gone. If I touch my eyelashes, it hurts a bit but the swelling is significantly down and eh stuff keeps leaking out through the eyelashes. It feels and looks a hell of a lot better, however.

Egyptian blogger Alaa arrested again

I’m worried about Sandmonkey. Alaa (remember several years ago, I took part in the free Alaa campaign when he was jailed for criticizing the Egytpian government) has been arrested again, this time for criticizing Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood on his blog. There are arrest warrants out for four other bloggers but they aren’t identified in the article over at The Blaze. From inside the prosecutor’s office, Alaa posted messages on Twitter saying most of the accusations were based on comments sent to his account by others, rather than anything he posted himself.

Meanwhile, Islamists in Egypt have taken over a mosque and are using it as a house of torture for Christians who had been demonstrating against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in the latest case of violent persecution that experts fear will only get worse.

How ’bout that Arab spring.

Abbas awarded terrorists’ mother “Order of Sacrifice” award on eve of Obama’s visit

At least this crazy hag is now 6 feet under.

Umm Nidal (“mother of the struggle”: real name Maryam Farhat), who died three days ago at the age of 64, is a hero to Palestinians. That’s because three of her six sons were “martyrs”. The youngest, Muhammed, was only 17 when he died in a suicide attack against an Israeli military academy (the mother had encouraged him to engage in this “jihad”), another made explosives targeting civilians and was blown up by one of his drones, and the third was killed by Israeli intelligence.

After Muhammed died (taking with him five Israeli students and wounding 23), she thanked Allah and handed out boxes of chocolates and halvah. She was later elected to the Palestinian parliament.

Nidal’s funeral was attended by thousands of Palestinians and many dignitaries, including the Palestinian prime minister.

On the eve of Obama’s visit, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas paid homage to Nidal and gave her a special award, the “Order of Sacrifice.”
Read the rest and see an interview from 2005 with this crazy hag

hat tip: Jawa Report

Israeli kidnapped in Egypt

Amir Omar Hasan, a 23-year-old Israeli-Arab was kidnapped together with a Norwegian citizen by a gang of Bedouins while vacationing in Sinai. Ahead of the Passover holiday the Counter Terrorism Bureau’s issued a travel advisory with a serious warning for the Sinai Peninsula, where there is a high risk of terrorist attacks and kidnappings. Hopefully he will be released soon and unharmed. It seems a variety of negotiations are going on to try to secure his safe release. He was able to talk briefly with his family yesterday. Hopes and prayers.