spring is coming to my garden

Here is something really neat. Remember that rose bush I wrote about back at the end of December that was simply laden down with blossoms? The roses were a unique shade of orange that I’d never seen in a rose before. Now, that same plant is starting to burst with a whole new series of blooms …and this time they are pink!! Some are a lighter pink (carnation pink) and some almost fuschia. I’ve never seen this before in a rose bush.

Today, being an absolutely beautiful day, I was determined to get in some garden time. I trimmed back the plants that line our walk to the garbage cans and back garden because they were sprawling onto the walkway, making it more difficult for the vad to roll the cans out to the front. He also usually parks them there on the walkway after they’ve been emptied before he leaves for work and doesn’t get around to wheeling them all the way back to the garbage and recycling niche until he gets home in the evening (which makes it difficult for neighbours needing to bring trash down to get around the cans and get the lids up to dump their stuff). So, whenever I see them there, unless I, myself, am dashing for work, I take them on back to where they belong for him and sweep or hose down the area as needed.

I checked the front herb garden and found the little tiny rosemary cuttings I planted are actually flowering. They are several inches taller (now about 5 inches above the ground) and getting bushier. The thyme seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago are starting to come up (yay!). Since the seeds are so tiny, I had planted just a little one foot square chock full of them and so when the plants get a bit bigger I’ll carefully dig them up, separate them and transplant them to make some pretty borders there in the front, around the very edges of the circles around the rose bushes, and maybe even along the little path I built in the main veggie garden area. The oregano and the three parsley plants in the front there are starting to really take off and the lavender plants are still blooming.

I did a major weeding around the rose bushes. I let weeds go rampant during the really rainy months, thinking (I think Sophie suggested it) that the weeds would put some needed nutrients back into the soil around them. Two of the rose bushes need some more weeding work for the little ones that are barely sticking up but I was able to plant some green onion seeds around the other half of the red-blooming rose bush, so it will be surrounded by garlic on one half and green onions on the other.

In the back garden, my two rows of rocket now are officially two rows of rocket –the little seeds have sprouted. I planted another 10 rocket plants today. I may have a couple of the basil plants coming up ..but they might be weeds. None of the tomato or cucumber or bush squash seeds I planted have sprouted. I do have a cluster of things coming out of the most compost supplemented spot that look like they might be tomato plants (volunteers!) BUT, as I discovered last summer, we have a weed here that looks just like a tomato plant for about two months and then you discover that it isn’t. The two celery plants continue to grow like gangbusters and the yellow onion starts my Ema sent me appear to be growing well (from the growth above ground) — I’m not sure how to know when to harvest them, though.

On Wednesday, I had a half hour break at school and ran over to the garden center next door. I couldn’t resist getting 3 little flower plants — two petunias of different colours, and something called salsali kesef (low growing like for a border edging and simply covered with little white flowers) that were on sale for 1.50 sheks each. I’ve not decided where in the yard to put them. I wish we could have flowers in the front by our walkway to the building but that area stays in permanent shade, thanks to my apartment and the one across the hall that jut out almost to the street over our front walk. I also checked the small tomato plants at the nursery but they were criminally charging 8 sheks for them and the plants already had (at less than 6 inches high) tomatoes on them and were covered in yellow leaves. I wouldn’t pay 8 sheks for a healthy baby tomato plant and definitely not for one that is on death’s door.

I’ve got some fresh parsley for my dinner tonight, some lettuce and 4 ripe baby tomatoes all from the garden for a salad combined with canned corn and a store-bought onion (yum).


One response to “spring is coming to my garden”

  1. Lynne says :

    The plants that you listed as being around the rose are great companion plants for roses. The type of rose you describe might be “Mutabilis”. It is a rose that does well in Austin, Texas. They can grow very large when healthy so it may really spread out fully. Of course, you can trim it to the size you need, and the best time to trim in Texas is traditionally Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th.

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