Mischa and Mousie

I’ve got a symbiotic relationship going on now that is working pretty well with Mischa and Little Mouse. It is expensive on the pocket book but well worth it if you think in terms of quality of life and daily happiness and health. I’m feeding Mousie Fancy Feast 3 times a day. At any one chow-down Mousie is eating about half a can to a quarter of a can of the food. I then fight off the healthy cats that want the expensive wet food (Muffin, Batya and Flossy most particularly) and put Mischa in to scarf up the rest. Mischa then scarfs down the other half. For Mischa, anymore than half a can at one go means he is going to yak it all back up and any less and he is going to try too much 0f the dry food for the other cats and have another yak attack. If Mousie has left 3/4s of the can, I scoop some out and treat the healthy and greedy crew, or give some to Tovi and Yafah.

Mischa is still a shadow of his normal 22 pound self (and that with not an ounce of fat on him even still) but he is slowly filling out and his hair has stopped falling out. I am able to gauge when Little Mouse needs to go in for another shot depending on how much of the wet he is eating. Optimally, I’d open a can 4 times a day but that is one can beyond my budget.


One response to “Mischa and Mousie”

  1. Lynne says :

    It takes a huge amount of work, creativity, and commitment to take care of rescues. Most of them come with a variety of problems due to their rough start in life and the deprivations that they endured before they were rescued. I’m dealing with so many issues now with my aging group of rescues, ones that for one reason or another —or just due to missed opportunities—did not get forever homes and are still with me. Sigh. It’s a ton of work.

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