damn cats

I am now minus one crock pot. I sat it on the counter this morning in preparation for cooking for the weekend and my long days at work next week after I get back from the grocery with veggies I don’t have ripe in my garden (everything but lettuce, in other words). Sparkle is in heat (need to get these little girls fixed!!), making her primary attack target #1. Batya chased her out of the bedroom, down the hall, into the kitchen and up onto the counter. When Batya hit the counter she also hit the crockpot which went BLAM and then SHATTER when it flew off onto the floor. The two of them then proceeded to knock a hell of a lot of other things off the counter before Sparkle shot away and back toward the bedroom. Can I tell you how thrilled I am not?


11 responses to “damn cats”

  1. tddpirate says :

    The eternal war among cat lovers and bird lovers (in Hebrew):

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    You would have, say two cats only, it would make your life much easier and you then would start appreciating your own life instead of being the slave of your many cats!!

    Yael, it is never too late to change a bad habit and to have the many cats that you have is surely a very bad habit.

    Like all bad habits, it is extremely hard to break, to get rid of it. One way is to find a way to compensate with the loss of the bad habit by doing an activity that replaces it. It should not be very hard for you to find more time for yourself if you decide to reduce the crazy number of cats that you force yourself to take care of to a reasonable amount (maximum two)!!

    Your cats rob yourself of your own life!! Do something about it instead of keeping being the slave of your cats.

    You can still love and enjoy the company of cats when you have two instead of many more!! Think about that and take control of your life back concerning your cat mania I could say.

    • israeliminx says :

      Right, so when should I send you the rest of the cats to care for and maintain? I’m assuming you are offering…

      • WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

        Yael, do not find excuses for keeping your many cats!! As a matter of fact, you should know very well that, if I would follow your line of reasoning, I could say that you should not stop there and take more cats, as you know very well that there are many cats still roaming the streets in Israel.

        There is worse in Israel than cats roaming the streets. There are children who barely have the minimum food and clothing that a child should have and it happens in Israel!

        So, I have nothing against cats, in fact I like cats but one has to PRIORITIZE IN LIFE.
        In your case, it is quite simple. You have too many cats and you know that very well. Do not find excuses for keeping them, find solutions to get rid of them and keep maximum two. It will transform your life completely from being a slave of your cats to being someone in control of her life and make the most of it for herself, not for her too many cats! As much as I love cats, there is much more to life than cats!! Wake up, Yael, and take action by first controlling the number of cats that you keep (maximum two would be the sane number; do not find excuses to have more!).

      • tddpirate says :

        I agree with what WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll said about your cats, with one exception. I think you can deal with six cats, not only two.

  3. Lynne says :

    I think that the cat problem is so serious that she must open a sanctuary. These are not really pets at all; they are only rescues from a terrible situation. Time to open a sanctuary and have only a few pets in the house.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Having a sanctuary would be an amazing solution, though it will mean leaving here and relocating myself and my animals to another country where buying a place to live (with or without land) is a possibility — it isn’t here.

    I should note that I don’t have a very high tolerance for disorder in my apartment, though a much higher tolerance than my Ema for sure 🙂 When the cleanliness and order level of my apartment sends me into full freak out mode, it is nothing approaching the daily level of disorder of 90% of my friends who have neither pets nor kids (those who have pets and/or kids live in a disorder that I can’t even fathom).

    I grew up with an OCD mother (Ema, you so know you are and I love you for it 🙂 A floor is not clean if you use a mop. A floor is only clean if you scrub it vigorously on your hands and knees, by hand, daily (twice a day is best). Yeah, I use a throw water and nice-smelling cleaner on the floor once a day and squeegie it instead. It isn’t as clean but ya know, livable. If I haven’t been able to do the throw water on the floor thing for more than 2 days running, I do start hitting melt-down and this week I went almost 5 days. Making it worse, my fricking floor in every room is an off-white tile that shows every bit of dirt, dried footstep etc. I’m quite happy that it has been a bit more than 15 years since I, myself, needed to have my sock drawer organized by size and colour. Serious progress :).

  5. Lynne says :

    The tenants in Yaeli’s house just moved out and I was absolutely astonished at the condition of the house. These people have Ph.D’s and the house was filthy. On my worse day with four cats inside, it’s never been remotely close to the dirt I found once they moved—not dirty for a day like what happens to Yaeli, but ground-in, day after day filthy. It took me an entire day to clean the small kitchen floor in there. They were pigs. Yes, I admit that I am rather obsessive about keeping my house clean, but I cannot live with disorder or dirt. I find that if I do what Yaeli does, and that is cleaning the floor as often as possible during the week, it’s never really gets out of hand.
    I used to use a mop, but then I got the bright idea to have white tile floors put throughout the condo that I lived in at the time. I found that when I was mopping, I was just moving stuff around, not getting it out. So now I scrub the floor by hand. I’m used to it now…
    I think that it would be good to have a sanctuary for the animals for many reasons. Non-profit status for one thing due to the extreme expense of caring for animals. I have ten rescues and it is always some kind of medical issue with them, and the older that they get, the more expensive. A sanctuary, I think…

  6. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Children are the real “thing”, not animals living at home. When you have a child, Yael, it will take you an instant to decide to decrease your number of cats from the many you have to a maximum of two. You will quickly understand that animals are no substitute to children, not even close to being substitute worth considering!
    I personally believe that affection or whatever it is called when it pertains to animals is an illusion, a deception that I would never entertain being trapped into I could say. Affection, love to a partner of opposite sex or to your own children, that is the real thing and there is no substitute for it.

    Some people know that they have a bad habit and yet they keep doing it!! For instance, the bad habit of having many cats instead of just two.
    Guess what, there is a heavy price that you pay when you keep doing this bad habit. How this heavy price translates into your life:
    —you have become the slave of your cats!!! No joking, you are, Yael, whether you like it or not.
    —I do not have to visit your place to know that, to keep it urine-free and excrement-free with the many cats that you have, it is basically impossible and you must have to clean it more frequently than any sane person would bear doing!
    —all the free time that you could have available for yourself personally is basically killed, gone because your new slavery does not allow you to have any spare time for yourself!! And how could you with so many cats?
    —the cost of feeding and take care of your cats (not to mention the medical bills) is robbing you of your hard-earned money that could be used for better purposes!!
    —the opportunity you could have of meeting other people is gone to! How could you meet someone to share your life with when you do not even have any time for yourself due to your crazy number of cats that has made you nothing less than a slave of their needs and moods and illnesses!!!!
    —and many more other prices that you have to pay for this bad habit.
    CONCLUSION: To keep this bad habit of having many cats seems doable but the truth is that it costs dearly in your life. It might even destroy your life without you even noticing it happening until it is basically too late.

    Drastic measures are needed to solve serious problems, such as having too many cats and you have become their slave!
    Yes, get rid of them and keep two, not a single more. You will enjoy again having cats and you will free yourself of your current slave status!!
    YOU MUST TAKE DRASTIC ACTION CONCERNING YOUR CATS BY REDUCING THEIR NUMBER TO TWO. It is this or keep being a slave of your cats and, by doing so, keep destroying your life further!!!
    G.od gave us free will. You Yael, you have free will. Use G.od’s gift to mankind and exert it to the full extent by controlling our mind.


    • Lynne says :

      Wipe Out, there is truth to what you say really. What happens when you rescue though is that the rescuer simply cannot stand to see suffering. Not many others are doing anything about it, so it falls to a few to undertake the problem. I speak for myself. I don’t go out of my way to rescue; in fact, I try my best to avoid it. When confronted with suffering though, I find that I cannot walk away…. or at least not usually. The exception is when there are dozens of needy animals, it is obvious that one person cannot help them all, but when only ONE of them is in need, it’s harder to walk away. “Just help this one”…and soon a rescuer has many.
      Here is what happened in Austin: A number of well-meaning people started rescuing and soon they had their hands full. I remember asking one of them to take a rescue off my hands only to find out that he was rescuing 47 of them. I will not let that happen to me… I try to get someone else to help out, when I can. This group of people soon realized that they were overwhelmed, and instead of giving up, they organized a health clinic for inexpensive vet care, especially offering cheap —sometimes FREE—spaying and neutering for pets and animals. They no longer personally rescue because it’s impossible to do that long-term, but they did organize and support others who have sanctuaries that maintain high standards (not hoarders, of course). They promote education and pet care. A friend here has a small sanctuary for those that are unadoptable, but tries to find homes for any and all that could go into a home. She has a group of volunteers to help, and I think that is what Yaeli is going to have to do for her crew. She has a little sanctuary house and fenced, secure yard for them. She gets donations to help with their care. She has help.
      I am sure that she cannot just throw them out the door, and I couldn’t either. A sanctuary is the answer, I believe.

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