this is how tired and stressed out I am

I woke up this morning convinced it was Sunday and that I’d overslept. I raced around the apartment feeding cats and trying to throw myself together. I gathered all the graded tests I need to bring in into two large plastic bins and stacked them by the door. I ran down and fed the outside cats, ran back up, grabbed the big bag of work stuff I’d need for the day, hefted the bins and waddled down the stairs with them. I got out to the street and realized I did not have enough money on me for the taxi I was clearly going to have to take (20 minutes to work vs the nearly 3 hours by bus and foot) and so ran to the expensive cash machine outside the little grocery down the street…and noticed the grocery was closed. That’s odd, I thought, why is the grocery closed? The litany of things running through my head of the things I needed to have gotten done over the weekend and obviously hadn’t gotten done had me nearly in panicked tears and my panic increased when the cash machine told me it was sorry but it couldn’t process my transaction (they usually restock it with money very early on Sundays because all the young soldiers in the area generally empty it of cash on Friday afternoon for their weekend funds). Then, slowly it started to register that traffic was almost non-existent. Almost no traffic, cash machine out of cash, store closed…is it only Shabbat? Holy moley, I think it is Shabbat and not Sunday. I was still so kerfluffled that once I’d dragged everything back to the apartment as fast as I could, I checked the date on the computer and then on four news websites just to be sure. Shabbat. Thank G-d.


3 responses to “this is how tired and stressed out I am”

  1. Lynne says :

    Good grief. You cannot be carrying those heavy bins. You need to pack those tests in your carry cart, and you need to get some rest.

  2. tddpirate says :

    Did such a prank ever happen during your lectures?
    In Hebrew; the translated title reads “What happens when a super-hero needs to go out during a lesson?”

  3. israeliminx says :

    Ema, if I’d had enough wits about me to think of the grocery cart, I’d have realized it was only Saturday! Less than 4 hours sleep, 6:45 am and no coffee and my brain was in serious no-function land.

    Pirate — LOL, thankfully no!

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