My garden has been murdered!

The so-called landscaping guys came yesterday just as I was leaving for work. I grabbed them and ran around the yard showing them what not to touch (don’t go near the roses or anything around the roses, this is an herb and flower garden –see the flowers– don’t touch this area, this is the vegetable garden — see the lettuce and celery, onions etc). It was too dark to see what had transpired when I got home at 10 last night. This morning, I went down to find devastation.

List of the dead:

The mint. All of it, in all three patches around the rose bushes, buzzed down and raked out by the roots.
Two lavender plants
All of the garlic
All of the onions, both the green onions and the yellow bulb onions my Ema sent
Three parsley plants
The expensive thyme plant
4 new baby hot pepper plants
The rocket patch
The expensive oregano plant
All of the basil
The three new flowers I bought and wrote about last week I’d put around the roses.
In fact, EVERYTHING around the roses and most of the things in the front herb garden — I’m hoping I can save a few nearly dead but with roots left in the ground things in the herb garden.

I’m just speechless from all the nails in my mouth I want to spit.


8 responses to “My garden has been murdered!”

  1. Sylvia says :

    Oh Yael, that is just AWFUL. so sad for you.

  2. Lynne says :

    You will have to make and put up signs. Or buy flowers that are blooming to put among the veggies…that would probably do it.

    • tddpirate says :

      Or stay when the landscaping guys visit next time, or ask a neighbor to supervise the landscaping guys.

      • israeliminx says :

        If I had known they were coming I could have perhaps planned to have someone here to stay. Better, if I had known they were coming I could have told the vad to cancel them entirely as I had scheduled 3 friends who’ve got degrees in agriculture to come the Thursday before Pesach to help cut back the hedges, weeds, etc (cut back, not massacre) and to transplant the lobelia, marigold, and other flower and herb seedlings I’ve got going in my apartment into the yard. Last year the vad didn’t bring the landscapers in until the end of April so I thought it would be a nice Pesach surprise. That is what I get for thinking.

        Ema, all the flowers were blooming and they got cut down like they were weeds!

  3. Mike says :

    Ugh. Sorry to hear it.

  4. Mac says :

    That really stinks!

  5. Larry007 says :

    Maybe you can get the vad to pay for the loss of plants. The vad is responsible for bringing them. You can claim you lost money which is true.

  6. Lynne says :

    Perhaps you could purchase some wood pieces (not treated lumber) to edge part of the garden, making a raised bed?

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