Recovery Thursday

I slept until 10 a.m. this morning and still feel exhausted (granted I didn’t get to bed until after 2 but that was an early night this week). Tuesday and Wednesday were utter hell days, following on Sunday and Monday that were simply hell with the workload and hours put in to complete the most immediate and pressing work needs. My house would be declared a disaster area at any time of the year but with Pesach fast approaching it is, well, dude. And yeah, I know, they say not to do Pesach cleaning until after the weekend because of the upcoming dust storm (and with having no glass to block out that dust in many of my windows, it will most likely be a double-down dusting for me) and I’ve no intention of starting Pesach cleaning — no, today I am simply trying to recover my apartment as something that resembles a liveable dwelling.

In the early evening hours I am also hoping to try to recover as much as I can of my decimated garden. I had a half hour break yesterday between student meetings and had the choice of eating something or running to the garden center near the university and buying some already growing flowers/herbs/whatever they had under 2 sheks each or seeds if they’d gotten in their spring/summer seed packets. Seeds hadn’t come in and they only had flowers on the cheap and so I used my lunch money (I don’t usually have lunch money and either bring my own or don’t eat if I don’t have time to pack something cheap and tasty –and usually don’t have time to eat if I do — but yesterday I felt entitled) and so bought 2 baby impatiens and 4 baby marigolds, already blooming, for a total of 11 sheks. I also hope to use some of the plastic containers (ice cream etc) that people throw in our yard to re-start by seed that I do have some of the basil, thyme, peppers etc. that were murdered. All of the things I’d started in containers (the little black holders that nursery plants come in and that I’d saved and re-used) were also victims of the landscapers (knocked over, stepped on, raked away) and so I am really starting nearly from scratch. At least the three celery plants, two pepper plants, three flowers, one lavender, two parsley, and four lettuce plants survived the purge.


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