The ADHD way ain’t all bad

I got a few things done yesterday, mostly handling ‘need it NOW’ things for work but largely I slept or lay about in a state of semi-consciousness, trying to recoup my sleep quota from five days of little to no sleep. This morning, however, I awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was quite organized with the list of things to do (about a months’ worth) that I wrote down while having my coffee at 6 a.m. Organization ended with the coffee but I’ve still managed to cross a lot of things off the list.

It is hotter than hell here for this time of the year. They cancelled the Tel Aviv full marathon but stupidly kept the shorter races as a go — one dead, some more maybe will die –they are on life support and can’t breathe on their own — and at least 50 others treated at the hospital. Yeah, we are talking hot. My surviving lettuce started to bolt overnight. That is how hot.

I’ve managed to get a lot of the things crossed off my list but in a very random order. Take down the recycling, wipe off the sweat, sit down for a breather and respond to a couple of student emails, then tackle taking down the trash. Every time I went outside (washing some carriers, planting the two impatiens I bought), I surveyed the yard. Somewhere in there, I came to a decision: I could either look at all the plants I’d painstakingly cultivated that were murdered and feel bereft and beaten down or I could look at this as an opportunity. In this brief space of time before any weeds start re-growing and established bushes branching and spreading, I can utterly re-landscape with carte blanche and way less effort.

So, as I cleaned the toilet room and washed half of the stack of dirty dishes that have accumulated over this past week of hell, I was contemplating ‘hmmmmm, maybe try starting some lobelia seeds against that wall that quickly gets over-run by weeds that have no redeeming visual value and around the rose bush that gets too much water, and what about a bed of thyme in the upper triangle of the plot beside the building — what would be best in the bottom of the triangle once people start using their air conditioners regularly and that whole area becomes a bog?

My list of not-completed things is still a mile long but half a mile shorter than it was. I’ve got a pasta-onion-cabbage mix nearly to its cooking completion, a load of laundry done and ready to fold, most of the litter boxes cleaned, a quarter of the work stuff I need to have done by Monday dispatched, re-organized and itemized the contents of my kitchen cabinets. I cleaned out but did not yet clean the fridge. I’m getting there, one randomly interspersed task at a time.


One response to “The ADHD way ain’t all bad”

  1. Lynne says :

    I’m impressed!! You got more done in a day than many of us get done in three! Take time to rest, too.

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