tired and scaled-down garden plans

It has been a really long but very profitable day. It is nearly 11 and I’m just about to fix one of my last meals containing leavening products (aka BREAD). I’m not a massive bread fan but as soon as Pesach nears suddenly, because I can’t have it, all I crave are meals including bread and all its leavened variations (biscuits, cake, brownies, crackers, etc.).

The few still-alive plants I pulled out of the front herb garden to keep them from dying a terrible death via the landscapers have got to be replanted and very soon. I think tomorrow may not be soon enough. We’ve got a little triangle shaped, walled bed up against the apartment building that gets partial sun, mostly mid-day for about 5 hours. In the summer, the narrow end of the bed is a bog because of the stream of water coming from an air conditioner on the second or third floor. The other end stays pretty dry. The entire patch gets over-run with weeds that aren’t pretty or useful.

So what I am thinking is to plant the nana (mint) plant I bought today down toward the boggy end (well, will be a boggy end in a month or two, currently will need to be watered), along with a couple of impatiens in the shade of the middling-sized shrub that lives there. By the time the mint has taken over the moist-soil world, the impatiens should be long dead but have given us a spray of enlarging pretty foliage and flowers until their demise. In the dry end, I’ll set out the two saved lavender plants close to the building wall and do a front edging of thyme along the low walkway border. In between, for this summer, I may scatter in some annual lobelia from seed.

I’ve not decided where to put the rosemary. I’d stick them back in the front if someone would ever come to remove the HUGE pile of detritus left by the massacring gardeners (piled as high as I stand atop that very space). I can fit the saved parsley around one of the roses and find a spot for the sole surviving oregano. I hope.


One response to “tired and scaled-down garden plans”

  1. Lynne says :

    You need your OWN yard! You are a gardener at heart and need a space to garden!

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