Obama arrives

Watching Obama arrive here. He hasn’t bowed to any of our leaders. Big surprise there. We seem to be the only foreign country whose leaders he doesn’t genuflect before. Our military is providing the musical interlude as he shakes hands with the line of our 22 new Knesset ministers. He’s getting full honours.

Meanwhile, these folks are living my dream here: Chubeza Jealousy much? Oh yeah.

Handshaking of a bunch more people over, Peres is giving welcome address. Dude, this might not go over so well with His Frenemy — Peres just said that in a moment Obama will be heading off to Jerusalem, our “Eternal capital,” and talked of our admiration of American “exceptionalism.”

Bibi taking the podium. Historic moment (me: ahem). The one and only Jewish State in the world. Thanks for affirming our sovereign right to defend itself. Thanks for holding the Jewish people’s right to a Jewish State in our historic homeland. Our tiny little land has made a such a huge imprint in history. Adding in some humour now: picked out some cafes and bars in Tel Aviv but haven’t picked out incognito mustache yet. Welcome to Israel.

His Frenemy now: 65th anniversary of a free and independent State of Israel. Saying nicer things than I expected. Acknowledged our historic right to our country. Democracy best form of government ever devised by man. Our cooperation in science, technology and health transforming the world. Let me say as clearly as I can, the United States stands with Israel. Our alliance is eternal. Yeah, yeah we do recognize animals that have forked tongues, we’ve got a lot of snakes here, especially in the spring. It didn’t escape our notice that the White House map issued in honour of Obama’s visit shrank our borders delineating Israeli land as being Lebanon’s and Jerusalem entire as not ours.

He’s off to our eternal capital. Go Bibi — I think he studied Social Pysch, Obama takes his suit jacket off and a few steps later Bibi does the same but puts it mirror image over his other shoulder. Subtle kesher, baby, via the chameleon effect.


One response to “Obama arrives”

  1. Lynne says :

    I hope that Obama’s intentions are better than we have reason to expect…suspect…given his words and actions so far.

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