It isn’t pinkeye but I wish it were

I look like Frankenstein’s bride but it seems I need to look like Frankenstein himself before anything (small surgery) can be done. I went to see my family doctor yesterday about what I initially thought was pinkeye. I’d begun having my doubts by the time appointment time rolled around. She confirmed very quickly that it isn’t pinkeye, though it initially shared many of the major symptoms because of the irritation. She set up an appointment with an eye specialist, whom I saw today at 5.

It is the damn roller-coaster hormones that are the root cause and, because my hormones have never worked in a normal fashion, I am particularly prone to this ailment — I’ve had them twice before (all on the same eyelid!) but way back when I was in my late teens and early twenties. It is a sebaceous cyst forming. Before, they formed high up just under my eyebrow and so, though unattractive and embarrassing if not covered by my bangs, they were not painful or disfiguring. This one has started forming in the eyelid just behind the eyelashes, or at least affecting that area the most strongly. This is a problem.

Right now the whole eyelid is puffy and painful. The cyst is mainly affecting the area rather close to the cornea (touch the eyelashes in that area and I’ll bite you like a cat would in pain) but it isn’t advanced enough for the doctor (and the surgical colleague he called in) to tell exactly where the problem originates –the actual pore that is blocked can be quite some distance away from the tissues that are most inflamed at this point. They can slice in and relieve the immediate painful build-up but if they don’t hit the actual blocked pore in the procedure, it will just re-occur within a few weeks and maybe in a different area. You can’t really see the scars well from the previous surgeries unless you examine my eyebrows closely but you will be able to see the one here in the front. If they have to do this twice, it will be twice as …yeah.

So, they suggest a wait and wince approach. Within the next 4-8 weeks it will either a) resolve itself and go away (yeah, not likely) or b) get a hell of a lot worse in terms of pain and swelling but also harden so they can trace the source and effectively remove it. I’ve got a receipt for a weeks’ worth of major menocycline and will check back in 8 days with the eye doctor.


6 responses to “It isn’t pinkeye but I wish it were”

  1. Mike says :

    Ugh. Sorry to hear that.

    • israeliminx says :

      Believe me, me too. Your sympathy is appreciated with every blink!

      • Mike says :

        I wish there was something I could do to help you out or make you feel batter, but from 10 time zones away, I think that’s hard. I’m sure everything will work out eventually, but it’s that eventually part that sucks.

  2. Lynne says :

    Try to research things that may help on the internet. Put turmeric in as many of your foods as possible. It is actually undetectable in tomato based dishes. It reduces inflammation. Also, you might try holding a warm compress on your eye several times a day. I’d also consider getting a second opinion, too. Keep us posted on your progress.

  3. Lynne says :

    I was just reading that these cysts very rarely get better on their own, so my suggestion is to do the research on it and to consider a second opinion from a specialist. You want to make sure that you do not get an infection from it.

  4. Sylvia says :

    Oh, you poor thing. And just before Passover, too. Deepest sympathy and prayers for a speedy recovery.

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