Where to start? Preparing to be a human cleaning machine for Pesach

I’m back home from a string of meetings with students, have a light lunch in the toaster oven, and am surveying the apartment. Yeah, it is time for the Pesach cleaning spree to start. I’m trying to decide which room to clean first. The kitchen is easy: it is always last and takes two days. The living room will take a full day. I should be able to get the bedroom done in four to five hours, nu probably closer to five. Tovi and Yafah’s room has much less in it but what it does have will take longer than the bedroom. I’ve got to dismantle the massive kitty cage and take the base outside to clean and disinfect, move the cage and clean under it (haven’t done that since last Pesach), scour the carriers they like to hang out in and on and all their bedding options, the floor, windows, walls, etc. with the kitties getting in the way all the time. Hmm, actually, that last applies to every room.

I can’t do the bathroom until I get some liquid plumber. I also can’t figure out why the sink isn’t draining in there. Nothing seems to be stuck down in the drain. I put some of the caustic Chrystal drain cleaner down it several days ago and not only did it not work but it took the filled sink three days to drain out — yeah, brushing your teeth in the kitchen is so much fun, as is playing football (soccer) goalie to keep the cats from getting in there and licking up the killer water.

I love Passover. It is the one time in the year my house is as clean as my mother’s house is everyday of the year. The bedroom it is. Ok, ready, set: CLEAN!!!!


4 responses to “Where to start? Preparing to be a human cleaning machine for Pesach”

  1. Lynne says :

    Advice on the drain: those caustic drainers don’t work. There is a type of enzyme drainer on the market that may work. You’d be better off to buy a “snake” for the drain at the Ace or some other hardware store. You may, in fact, have to get a plumber.
    Don’t use those dangerous drainer cleaners: They don’t work and the water could back up and the cats could get into it.
    Bad stuff; does not work.

  2. XSouthAfricanGal says :

    I dont quite understand why go pessach Meshuga (crazy\ mad) when one isnt
    religious. Like what’s the point?
    I personally do a spring cleaning .. meaning bring down the summer stuff from strorage donate all the old clothes that dont fit me . do a little more thorough dust cleaning then usual.. that’s about all.. I’m not religious so I dont go all bonkers on the cleaning.. I just take the oppertunity of the week long holiday to do a thorough sweep and clean..

    • israeliminx says :

      Even when fully secular I’ve always been a strong traditionalist — always attended services and fasted on Yom Kippur (the exception was the first year I lived here), always have done the full Passover thing — when I lived in NY I used to host the seders for friends who couldn’t travel home, etc.

      Now I’ve gone back to doing the candle lighting and kiddush on Fridays. I’d honestly like to observe Shabbat fully but haven’t been able to unplug as I usually need my Saturday to catch up on all the things I couldn’t get done in the week. If we had Sunday as a non-work day, I’d definitely be completely Shabbat observant. As it is now, I’m somewhat schizophrenic about it — I use the light timers and water-heater timer, I don’t turn the computer off and I don’t start anything cooking (not to say I don’t cook — I just put things I cut up into things that had already started cooking before Shabbat fell). On the other hand, I do cleaning, grading, updating the blog etc.

      • XSouthAfricanGal says :

        I do fast on om Kippur and go to the Ango-synagogue here.. But that’s mostly out of habit. When I lived in Johannesburg most Jews fasted (except for Israelies) .. I fast and Yom Kipur I go to synagogue but that’s about it.

        Shabat I prefere to do stuff that I don’t have the time to do during the week

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