Israeli kidnapped in Egypt

Amir Omar Hasan, a 23-year-old Israeli-Arab was kidnapped together with a Norwegian citizen by a gang of Bedouins while vacationing in Sinai. Ahead of the Passover holiday the Counter Terrorism Bureau’s issued a travel advisory with a serious warning for the Sinai Peninsula, where there is a high risk of terrorist attacks and kidnappings. Hopefully he will be released soon and unharmed. It seems a variety of negotiations are going on to try to secure his safe release. He was able to talk briefly with his family yesterday. Hopes and prayers.


4 responses to “Israeli kidnapped in Egypt”

  1. Lynne says :

    Maybe this sounds heartless, but it’s very unfair for anyone, Israelis or anyone else, to ignore sound advice and warnings about traveling to dangerous areas. It puts many others at risk. It’s unfair. Egypt has long been a dangerous location for travel; now it is absolutely unsafe in every respect. In the past, I’ve read blogs from Egypt about Israelis who travel there, and honestly they criticize them and abhor them. I don’t care if vacationing in Egypt is “convenient” or “inexpensive” or “beautiful”—it is not safe, and those who risk traveling there or to any other dangerous location bring danger onto themselves and to others. I have very little sympathy for these people who chose to put themselves in this situation. I hope that they are safe, but they are idiots. In a fair world they would travel safely, but the reality is that it’s dangerous there. They knew it and went anyway.

    • israeliminx says :

      I understand what you are saying but he’s 23. At that age, you feel invincible and like nothing bad will happen to you. There is a reason why car insurance is a lot higher for younger people — they take more risks, drive more recklessly, etc (and so get into more accidents) because they have that ‘it won’t happen to me’ mindset. I am constantly aghast at some of the places some of the ‘kids’ I teach go off to vacation at and then I think back to all the stupid stuff I did when I was their age and am like, nu…

      • Lynne says :

        I guess you are right. Beyond warnings, I don’t really know how to discourage people from traveling places where they put themselves in danger.

  2. Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

    Sort of agree with you Yael. There is a difference between driving fast and flying to a hostile nation that hates you. A few years ago under Mubarak maybe you could swing a trip… but these days with the Muslim brotherhood in control its beyond stupid.

    I do hope he gets back safe though, no one deserves to die for one mistake however grevious if it doesn’t involve hurting others.

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