Morsi promised to smuggle Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri back to Egypt, MB arrests popular TV comedian

This does not seem to be being reported in the mainstream news — I’ve not even seen it on Fox as of yet.

From The Blaze:

According to a new report published in the Arabic-language news outlet Misr al-Gidida and translated by Islam expert Raymond Ibrahim, Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi’s secretly met with al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri while in Islamabad, Pakistan. During the visit, Morsi reportedly promised to smuggle the Egyptian-born jihadist back to his native country.

According to the report, a Pakistani source said the clandestine meeting was “facilitated by elements of Pakistani intelligence [ISI] and influential members of the international organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Zawahiri is, of course, an alumnus of the Brotherhood who allegedly tired of the group’s more patient-approach to world domination.

Ibrahim translates that the Pakistani source said that the meeting lasted 45 minutes during which Morsi pledged to make preparations for Zawahiri’s return. The source also said that Morsi indicated that “some Muslim Brotherhood members would handle the operation, by first smuggling the al-Qaeda leader to a Gulf nation, likely Qatar, and then easily transferring him to Egypt—on condition that Zawahiri disappear lest he embarrass Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood with its American ally, whose security and intelligence agencies consider Zawahiri most wanted.

In further limiting freedom of speech and instilling fear, the Muslim Brotherhood has ordered the arrest of Egypt's version of Jon Stewart for cracking jokes about Morsi and the government and "insulting Islam"on his program. has the scoop on that:

Bassem Youssef, a comedian, hosts a popular weekly show called El Bernameg, or “The Program,” which has been described as being a “platform for lampooning the government, opposition, media and clerics.

Yousef’s lawyer, Gamal Eid, said the warrant is part of a widening campaign by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government to use the prosecution as a “tool” to go after the “regime’s opposition,” including media personalities, activists, and those who publicly criticize Morsi.

Morsi’s attempts to arrest media figures critical of him is part of a broader battle between Morsi and his “Islamist allies in one camp” and “a mostly secular and liberal opposition backed by moderate Muslims, minority Christians and a large segment of women in the other.”

According to reports, Islamist lawyers have frequently sued Youssef for “corrupting morals,” violating “religious principles,” and insulting President Mohammed Morsi. But this is the first time an arrest warrant has been issued.

The Associated Press noted that Yousef said on his Twitter account he will turn himself in on Sunday before sarcastically adding, “Unless they kindly send a police van today and save me the transportation hassle.”

Meanwhile, Egypt is hosting and toasting the leaders of Hamas in Cairo and they’ve resumed commercial flights with Iran this week. American taxpayer dollars at work.

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