Who knew?

Did you know that in the U.K. last year about 24,000 people died from the cold of winter because they couldn’t afford heat? And that was a mild winter. According to the Telegraph, this year they are expecting something like 30,000 people to essentially freeze to death since the winter has been long and especially cold. It is mostly the elderly, of course, as well as young children and the disabled. The article linked above notes that with the focus on ‘global warming’ the reaction to the deaths of 2,000 from a heat wave in 2003 garnered huge amounts of news articles, government subsidies for combating heat-related deaths, money spent preparing Britain for snowless winters and summers of unheard of hotness, and so forth that has continued — while aid for heating in the winter for the elderly has come under the chopping block. It seems bizarre to me that, in this day and age, so many people can regularly freeze to death in their homes in a first-world nation and no one takes notice.


3 responses to “Who knew?”

  1. Lynne says :

    No mystery here. The media reports the “news” or buries it to support their own agenda.
    Why is there even any argument among scientists at this point in time on global warming when the data is so sketchy and recently collected (not accurate data available over time)? No conclusions can be made at this time, but it could be a vibrant start to the study of the climate situation, and just reasonable, sensible suggestions made about improving the health of the climate, which is btw, just one of the myriad of concerns facing the world.
    It makes perfect sense to reuse, recycle, reduce — to demand good manufacturing practices and farming practices. But, it’s premature to connect this to the climate at this point. Certainly, it’s reasonable to say that it will affect climate, but to suggest that we already have global warming …to early to say that.

    • Devilish Advocate says :


      You’re adding 2 and 2 and coming to 15. Whilst there are SOME people who may be freezing to death, I’m almost 100% certain that there are VERY few who fit this criteria, the reality is that the vast majority of the elderly who you claim are dying are not dying of the cold, per se, but are turning their heating down – not off – and are perhaps succumbing to bronchopneumonia or other opportunistic type infections. Newspapers sensationalise stories like this for their own political reasons.

      Yes, we’ve had a fairly severe – and long – winter, but those on benefits here in the UK are entitled to Cold Weather Payments: https://www.gov.uk/cold-weather-payment/overview (and here: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/publications/specialist-guides/technical-guidance/sb16-a-guide-to-the-social/cold-weather-payments/) and there are other payments which are made in benefits too numerous to mention.

      And I’m not speaking from an uneducated or uninformed viewpoint as this is precisely what I deal with on a daily basis now!

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    I was in England and Wales a couple of weeks ago. It was freezing!

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