U.S. embassy engages in highway robbery, sigh

I needed to get some legal documents notarized at the U.S. embassy (no other notary here would suffice) this morning and got a real shock. It seems they charge an exorbitant fee for each pen-stroke the notary makes. I needed the notary to put his John Hancock on two places on a piece of paper — that is a fee of $50/U.S. per signature. There was an extra fee for him to press his seal onto that bit of paper proving that he had, indeed, signed his John Hancock. Yes, I sat waiting more than two hours past my appointment time for him to spend about 30 seconds to do his business and I was charged the equivalent of 450 shekels –that is more than my monthly food budget –for his 30 seconds of ‘hard labour.’ Something is so not right with this picture.


2 responses to “U.S. embassy engages in highway robbery, sigh”

  1. Lynne says :

    That is ridiculous, and it’s these bureaucracies that get away with it. I got a copy of your deed here in Austin, and then to have it “certified” the clerk put a stamp on it. One second to do this with a stamp that he had handy on his desk right by the copy. $8. Not so bad as your experience with the US embassy, but ridiculous all the same.
    And with all bureaucracies, there is not recourse, no accountability, and no reason.

  2. Mac says :

    Well, he too, must pay for Obamacare….

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