Israeli scientists develop means to freeze-dry women’s eggs: Just add water

Well this is pretty neat. Too bad it came too late for me 😦 The freeze-dried eggs could be kept at room temperature, making home storage a cheaper option than paying for eggs to be kept on ice at a fertility clinic. Israeli scientist Amir Arav said: ‘You keep the powder at room temperature for ever – and just add water to bring it back to life.’

23 of the 30 eggs in a test run were found to still be viable when rehydrated but they haven’t yet tested making actual babies using this method. Of course, you can also see some future implications with this method. For instance, rather than clinics getting the exorbitant fees that are charged if you need to use someone else’s egg to have a baby, women would easily be able to directly sell their powdered eggs themselves to others who need them, bringing costs down (though in some cases up, as this would certainly expand the designer baby market: I can totally see powdered egg bidding wars happening on ebay).

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