Today in the garden

Brrrrrr!! It is surprisingly chilly today and the wind is really blowing. I went out in a thin long sleeved shirt and decided pretty quickly not to stay too long. I decided, given the chill, that perhaps it wasn’t too late to try starting some rocket after all and so sprinkled some seeds into a medium-sized pot. If they do sprout up, when they get bigger I’ll transplant them out into the garden.

I also transplanted out two of the biggest and sturdiest of the volunteer tomato plants — they dwarf the little cherry tomato plants I started from seed and they sprouted at the same time (cherry tomato seedlings are about two inches tall, these two volunteers nearly 8 inches tall and bushy!). I put one in the back garden, in the side area that didn’t have anything in it until now and was reserved for tomatoes and cucumbers. I’ll put one of the cherry tomato plants over there (maybe two –or a few cucumbers) as soon as the cherry ones get a bit bigger. The other was a guerrilla planting in the front yard but off to the side near the roses. There is a big pillar that holds up my apartment that gets full sun on the far side of it and I thought, aha, let’s try a tomato here. There is an air-conditioner on the third floor that should give it all the water it will need once hot season starts and I can tress it up to the pillar with twine as it grows. I plan to guerrilla plant 7 more of the tomato seedlings around the yard in out of the way spots. None of them will have the benefit of improved soil but anything they produce is more than not having anything producing in those spots 🙂

I planted three cucumber seeds all in one spot in the back garden — not sure if it is warm enough yet for them to germinate so it is a ‘we’ll see’ experiment. Then I planted one of the impatien plants in the front beside one of the mini lampposts (we’ve got two, one on either side of the walk) that light the way to the building at night. I’d like to put three plants around each but it is, again, an experiment because this spot gets only slightly more sunlight on it than the spot where the two impatiens died miserable deaths. If this one survives a week, I’ll ring the posts with them and that will make our entry a much prettier spot.

When I bought the plants on Wednesday (9 impatiens, 3 marigolds, and 2 petunias) they let me also take for free a half-dead flower plant (I’ve no idea what it is but it has pretty little bluish-purple flowers and the healthy ones of the same size were selling for 16 sheks) that I pulled out of a pile of half-dead flower plants that they obviously decided couldn’t be sold. If they hadn’t been so busy with a line of customers I’d have asked if I could take the 9 or 10 similar other plants in that pile. I actually went out and did a nearly midnight planting of it on Wednesday night when I got home, after trimming off as much of the dead parts as I could, and today it is starting to look perky. It just might survive and thrive. I put it against the low wall I like to sit on and survey my garden. Nothing grows along it at all –until now.

An anonymous neighbour has donated a pretty large-sized (not gargantuan but 1 ft x 1 ft circumference) planter pot to the cause. It was sitting out in the garden area on the walkway I made, never having been used before, when I went out. Wow, thanks!

My final time in the garden was cutting enough lettuce for salads tonight and tomorrow and for putting on two cheese sandwiches, along with cutting some petrozilia (parsley) and a few stalks of celery to liven things up.


6 responses to “Today in the garden”

  1. Lynne says :

    Amazing, especially considering the fact that the soil there is not enriched for gardening (except by your recent efforts). It’s difficult to garden in those conditions.

    • israeliminx says :

      Yes it is, but the challenge makes it more fun, seeing what i can coax to grow and slowly building up the soil and seeing the difference in how the plants do!

  2. Lynne says :

    Sending seeds soon! 🙂

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    The awful and evil treatment of women in the Muslim world, in this case in Afghanistan.
    See the video “Exclusive: How my brother tried to kill me in ‘honor attack’ –” at
    Muslims are simply barbaric people, especially with women!!

    • Lynne says :

      Well, radical Muslims are awful, for certain. Anyone that justifies harming others because they don’t agree with the way that they are living is scary and dangerous. But the Muslim population is a huge group of people, so they are really individuals. Like you, I deplore violence against anyone. We need tolerance and caring in the world, and a radical approach from any religion or group and their intolerance is abhorrent.

  4. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check email. Urgent about the house closing.

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