significant rise in anti-semitic attacks last year

Israeli researchers warned Sunday of a sudden upsurge in anti-Semitic attacks, topped by a deadly school shooting in France, noting a link to the rise of extremist parties in Europe.

The warnings emerge from an annual report on antisemitism in the world, released on the eve of Israel’s memorial day for the 6 million Jews killed by German Nazis and their collaborators in World War II.

The report noted a 30 percent jump in anti-Semitic violence and vandalism last year, after a two-year decline. It was issued at Tel Aviv University, in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress, an umbrella group representing Jewish communities across Europe. Worryingly, more than 40 percent (273 of the attacks) involved physical violence against people. In France, physical attacks against Jews have doubled, with nearly all the attacks conducted by extremist Muslims. Attacks occurring in Hungary, Ukraine, and Greece came at the hands of followers of the neo-Nazi parties that have gained parliamentary seats and growing support.


8 responses to “significant rise in anti-semitic attacks last year”

  1. Lynne says :

    I don’t know what the solution to this violence and blind hatred is. The media in the US and certainly the media is Europe led by the BBC promotes an anti-Jewish perspective, and certainly there are religious authorities who preach anti-semitism. Except for a few news sources, such as Fox, the US media will not report any facts which are favorable to Israelis and that is appalling.
    Frankly, I think that ultimately it is up to us individually—whether we are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or whatever— to provide for our own safety, and that is why I think it unwise to allow yourself to stand out in a crowd of people through dress, wearing symbols, etc. (if possible. There is no way to change your race or skin color though) -it makes a person a target for those who are violent and hate-filled. We live in a world that is filled with dangerous, unbalanced people and there is no getting around that. We have to try to avoid dangerous areas and dangerous people, if we can.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Lynne and other people who live in the US, I was wondering about anti-semitism in the USA TODAY, is it widespread and still well alive?
    I remembered having read quite a few articles on anti-semitism in the USA but they related to a much older period, the Kirk Douglas period I could call it.
    What is your experience, in full honesty, of anti-semitism in the USA? I would appreciate some feedback from you people living in the USA.

    Me, I am currently living in London, UK and anti-semitism is very well alive but it is what I could call “silent”, hidden in many ways. To give you an example, if you have an obvious Jewish surname, you will have a much harder time to find a job! That only one example.

    • Lynne says :

      WipeOut, there is anti-semitism in the US. One only has to look at the comments on CNN, CBS, MSMBC, and other mainstream media sources to see the hateful comments. Often these are directed to Israelis, but honestly, this is just a form of anti-semitism in the US, in the US media, and all across Europe…the biased, vile BBC is an example in the UK. If a person is known to be Jewish or “looks Jewish”, he or she may never hear the comments made by people who one would not expect to hold such horrible ideas and prejudice in their minds. If you are not Jewish or don’t look the way that some people imagine Jewish people to look, you will likely hear many disgusting comments. The media could do much to stop the prejudice and the misery in the world, but they choose to make it much worse. They could educate, report history accurately, report current events and situations fairly…but they don’t. Too many of our “prominent” US universities are so vile and horrible today, not only promoting anti-semitism, but also promoting a hatred of America. Columbia University is an example, but there are many others. Too many.
      It is tragic for humanity when a group of people, such as those in the media, have the tools to make the world better, but choose instead to make it worse.

  3. Erin Rawls says :

    WipeOut, I live in Virginia and there is anti-semitism around here. A few years back, a park about a mile from my house was vandalized and the words “die Jew” and “death to Jews” was spray painted all over the road and maintenance building walls. An elementary school a few miles away also had similiar sentiments spray painted on their wall along with swastikas. As Lynne mentioned, the news in the US tends to be very anti-Israel and whenever they activate the IDF, anti-Israeli protesters quickly organize public protests. Here in Richmond, the Jewish Federation generally does not organize pro-Israel rallies to show support nor do the local news stations who always seem to be present for the Pro-Palestinian rallies make any efforts to balance their coverage by gaining opinions from the jewish community. Personally, I am hoping one day to move somewhere with a stronger jewish community. With that said, anti-semitism is not the only issue here in Virginia. The KKK is very alive and well here and in some counties within an hour’s drive from Richmond, (the state capital) segregation between African Americans and Caucasians is still alive and well. Slavery still gets dragged into community disagreements and you still see confederate flags hanging in front of homes or on car bumper stickers. Last year, there was a news story about an auction house that had obtained completely in tact sets of KKK attire and it was sickening to see how many people showed up to bid on them. While many of the interviewed bidders said they wanted them for the “historical significance”, it is hard to understand why someone would want items that stands for intolerance and hatred for their “personal collection”……

  4. Sylvia says :

    I find this completely horrifying. (Full disclosure: I am a practising Christian, Anglican church), and Australian.
    Not long ago I was talking to one of the three Australian Federal parliamentarians who are Jewish (there is another, non-Jewish, who has a Jewish wife and sons), and I told him that I wanted a stop put to Muslim immigration into Australia, and that one of the main reasons why, was because I was convinced that if we didn’t stop it, and the Muslim presence gets much bigger, they *will* start attacking Jewish Australians (as well as everybody else; but the Jews are the first target, the lightning rod so to speak ). I told him: I do not want to see a Muslim doing to any Jewish kid in Australia, what Mohammed Merah did to Miriam Monsonego; but that if we keep on letting more and more Muslims in, then something like that *will* happen, and probably sooner rather than later. And I told this MP – nice guy, very young, who was quite shocked by what I said, and clearly didn’t want to believe it or even *think* about it – to just take a look at Europe, where Muslims are responsible for most of the most openly violent attacks on Jews – of which there are more and more – and are stirring up and emboldening the non-Muslim Jew-haters into the bargain.

    Every Saturday, I take off the Christian cross I wear the rest of the week, and I put on the Star of David and wear it all day, as a small act of solidarity. That means that if on that day in our local shopping centre a Muslim sees me, they see someone proudly wearing the symbol of Israel and of the Jews. (I don’t live in a heavily Islamised area, but every time I go to the shops, I do see females in hijab and occasionally some in the niqab).

    It is more than time, I think, for all *non-Jews* who stand with Israel, and who repudiate Jew-hatred of every kind, whether the Islamic variety or the non-Islamic variety (which two varieties, these days, tend to be cozying up to each other) to become as visible as possible..and speak up loudly.

    I address any non-Jew reading this who is a Friend of Zion: have a good long think about what you personally can do to *visibly* exhibit solidarity with Israel, and with all Jews, who are being targeted more and more, all over the world. It may be necessary in some places – e.g. a university campus with a particularly hostile ambience – to organise beforehand so that you are not doing it alone but, rather, in as large a group as possible; but …make the statement. If the Jew-hating bullies start seeing Stars of David or Israeli flags or Menorahs all over the place instead of just on one or two isolated targets – they may back off.

    Further point (again, I address non-Jews particularly, those who care about Israel and who repudiate all antisemitism).

    Challenge any egregious example of anti-Israel/ anti-Jewish nonsense you see. I joined a counter-demo against the vicious BDS mob, once. The counter-demo – mostly non-Jews, too – was bigger than the numbers the BDS Useful Idiots/ Jihad Groupies were able to muster!

    Write letters: to the editor, and to politicians. If anything major happens, write to the Israeli ambassador in your country, expressing your support for Israel’s right of self-defence (be sure to identify yourself as a non-jewish citizen of your country), and at the same time write to your prime minister and foreign minister – and to the Opposition leader, and the shadow foreign minister – urging them to support Israel’s right of self-defence. Identify and support and encourage such Friends of Israel as exist among your elected representatives. Attend any pro-Israel rally or march that is held, or – if you are the organising kind – organise one yourself.

    If you live near a Jewish cemetery, school, synagogue, shop or other institution: make it your business to keep a friendly eye open, watching for any signs of vandalism, or for sinister loiterers- these days, especially, Mohammedan loiterers – who may be Up To No Good, skulking and sneaking about. Let your Jewish neighbours, workmates, colleagues, classmates know that you are on their side; that you have their back.

    I used to live not far from a synagogue; if I had known then what I know now, I would have been making a point of cruising gently past at least once a week to make sure they were alright, and I would have made overtures to the rabbi, to let him know he had at least one openly friendly Gentile neighbour of good will.

    Just a few thoughts; sorry for the long posting.

    • Lynne says :

      Sylvia, thank you so much for your thought-provoking comment and your kind sentiments. You are certainly the epitome of kindness and caring, an example to others. Tolerance and caring are so badly needed in our world today, and I am surprised that at this point in time, there is so little of it in the US and elsewhere.

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Just to thank those who took the time to give me their feedback on anti-semitism in the USA. I have a better picture now.

    Unfortunately, the USA might sometimes be seen as the “land of the extremes”. Extremes on both sides, the good side but unfortunately the bad side also. I still believe there is much more good in the USA than there is bad.

    On anti-semitism in the USA, there are wonderful (especially Christian) American people who love Israel, are very strong Zionist and are friendly to Jews in general and the Jewish people must be strong friends with them.
    And there this ugly anti-semitism that is an old scar from Europe that even now is part of many new Americans such as the Latinos and the Muslims who moved to the US, not to mention other Americans.

    Well, it seems that the fight against anti-semitism has a long way to go unfortunately!
    Despite the horrors of Nazi Germany and of the new Nazis of the Middle East, the Palestinians and the Muslims of the Middle East, it seems that the drive to perpetuate hate against others is very well alive and kicking.

    Hate against others is not healthy psychologically. Those who have hate against others pay a heavy price in their lives daily by being less successful in life in many areas.
    For instance, I am strongly against the new Nazis of the Middle East, the Palestinians and the Muslims of the Middle East, as I have been forced to recognise the reality at it is. That is, I recognise their hate of Israel, hate of the Israelis and hate of the Jewish people. BUT personally, I do not hate any Muslim on earth. What would be the point to hate others because they have a different faith or different race than mine? It simply does not make sense at all. There is good in any people, in any race on earth.

  6. Lynne says :

    WipeOut, love your comment. You are right; blind hatred is destructive.

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