waiting for Fed-Ex is kinda like waiting for Godot, and my week

The Fed-Ex folks were supposed to come last Sunday and didn’t. I rescheduled and they are coming today (let’s hope). In the meantime, I’m hanging close to the phone and cleaning my apartment, which surely needs it after the hectic week I’ve had.

“I thought it was a law…” was the blog post I envisioned writing on Tuesday night when I got home but was just too darned tired. It rained. It not only rained, but it poured. I thought there was some sort of law of nature that it never rains in the spring after Pesach. It never has, at least, that I can remember. So, on my way home (on a day that had been hot and sunny in the afternoon) I, of course, had no umbrella with me. I didn’t have an umbrella and it was the first time that I’d gone off to work without taking along one of those sturdy cloth tote bags with me. I had to pick up some papers to grade but it was only a small amount and easy to carry by hand. So it rained.

Not only that but I was bringing home a garbage bag holding donated coffee grounds for the garden and the bag had started to break open before I even taught my last class. I got a second bag to put the first one in it (it hadn’t yet even looked like it was going to rain, though it was dark so maybe it did and I didn’t notice). Great. Students surrounded me after class and so, even though I seriously hustled and hoofed it, I missed the bus that brings me relatively close to my house (just a 40ish minute walk uphill away) by like nano-seconds. Yeah me, the loose student papers, my purse, and the coffee grounds raced after it yelling for it to wait, to stop. I even banged on the side of it, all to no avail. It would be another hour before the next one came so I decided that waiting just 15 more minutes for the bus to Tel Aviv, then walking a bit, waiting there, and changing to a bus to Ramat Gan and then walking some more home would potentially be worthwhile (yo, at least you feel like you are going someplace) and that is what I did. Somewhere along the route of the first bus to Tel Aviv, it started to rain.

I was nearly at nearly-soaked by the time the second bus arrived. So, the bus finally pulls up to my stop, I am waiting close to the door and, just as the bus slows….the bottoms of the replacement bag holding the coffee grounds gives way. It is not like there were a ton of coffee grounds in there. In fact, it was a pretty meager haul that you could easily fit into a one-gallon zip lock freezer bag with room to spare. NO. It is because our garbage bags are big, black, and flimsy as hell. As the doors of the bus opened, I managed to scoop the bag and the majority of its contents off the floor, and leap out. In the pouring rain I tied off both ends of the bag and carried it like a baby homeward (I’m telling you, we better get some damn good compost out of this). I was a drowned rat by the time I got home and looking at an even longer day on Wednesday.


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