mainstream media silent over shocking real life horror story: The Gosnell murder trial

This is a story that you’d think the news media would be all over. It has all the elements and more of the sorts of cases that the media generally obsesses over. Think about the media coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, the Jodi Arias trial and this story simply blows those out of the water. This story is packed with horror, deception, abuse, cover-ups by the state and local agencies, and murder most foul of living infants and women. Yet, out of MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN only Jake Tapper (CNN) has so much as mentioned the story.

Yes, I’m talking about the story that has been all over: The Gosnell murder trial. Kermit Gosnell ran an abortion clinic giving late-term abortions (inducing labour) to poor, uneducated women — some within days of their due date — and routinely then murdered the living, breathing, and in some cases crying babies they produced. In one case, one of the workers actually played with one the babies for several minutes before its neck was cut. He kept jars and jars of cut off babies’ feet in his office as trophies. He manipulated and abused the women and he…well, watch the documentary below and, after you get over your shock, ask, then demand that the media cover this story.


17 responses to “mainstream media silent over shocking real life horror story: The Gosnell murder trial”

  1. Lynne says :

    This is unbelievable tragedy.

  2. reader says :

    Tragedy? If the allegations should turn out to be true, I’d call that murder and abetment. Abortion is one thing, killing viable babies another one.

  3. Mac says :

    well, in the end both kill babies….excuse as you like……

  4. israeliminx says :

    This murderous son of a bitch is only charged with the deaths of one woman and 7 infants. They can’t file charges against him in the deaths of at least 3 other women in the last 10 years because, even though area hospitals reported that those deaths were caused through his barbarous negligence, the state oversight agencies never conducted investigations of any sort into the deaths. There had not even been a single inspection of the clinic in more than 17 years. Nor is he charged with the deaths of literally thousands of born-alive infants. Clinic workers have testified that he killed upwards of a dozen of them every single day for more than 30 years. The clinic was raided in the morning and he is only charged with the murder of the 7 clearly viable babies he’d murdered that morning whose bodies had not yet been disposed of. The scope is just simply mind-boggling.

    The sickest thing is, the clinic wasn’t raided because of the abortion practices going on there but because of reports of illegal drug sales. It was what they found when they raided that clinic that led to the charges.

  5. Lynne says :

    There were people who knew of the filthy, horrible conditions there, if not the actual practices, and they said nothing. Not a peep.
    Bureaucracies are dangerous, and the US is rife with them.

  6. Mac says :

    What’s the difference, 6 weeks- 6months- the day of birth— maybe we should just be able to club a 2 year old like a baby seal in the yard. The hypocrisy is just stunning!

    • Lynne says :

      Mac, you feel strongly about the issue of abortion. This issue is particularly horrible in every respect, and I suspect that this case is being buried in an attempt to avoid any debate about abortion. This case IS different though in every respect: Illegal late term abortions, procedures leading to deaths and injuries, and the situation where a doctor and his staff were gruesome murderers taking trophies from these poor little dead babies. Live infants murdered…. It is different and it’s sickening. Not only should this doctor be put in jail, but every single person in those vile state agencies who knew about this and covered it up, should face charges now.
      This should be a warning about the enormous bureaucracies in the US that run without any accountability, sense, or morals. Huge bureaucracies such as this should be dismantled before the US turns to absolute garbage.

      • reader says :

        Lynne, do you know whether there are institutions in the States where women can spend the last weeks of their pregnancy, give birth and then put the baby up for adoption if they do not want to raise the child themselves?

        • Lynne says :

          Here in Austin, Texas there are a number of places, very nice places. (I think one is the Mary Lee Foundation but there are others.) People in the US are desperate to adopt.
          Why do you ask?
          People have very strong feelings about the issue of abortion, and I am certainly not going to tell people what to think. I do believe that there is a huge difference in terminating a pregnancy within weeks of conception and killing a living, breathing baby as this monster apparently did.
          CBS today addressed the issue of this story’s suppression, basically trying to take credit for breaking the story in 2010, but without any explanation about why they were not covering it now in spite of its significance. The ONLY reason that any of the media is covering it now is due to Breitbart and other independent media sources where the issue has gone viral. Clearly, the media wants to ignore this case completely —all aspects of it: the lack of inspections, the lack of any oversight in spite of many, many reports of wrongdoing, the fact that it came to light due to a drug bust, and the political agenda behind the media’s own burying this story… just in the same way that they bury any negatives about Obama or Biden, their complicity in the Benghazi cover-up. Women came from all over the US to this clinic, but it was the poor who suffered the most. The media is not covering this because they are very pro-abortion. I don’t trust the mainstream media anymore at all.

          • reader says :

            Lynne, thanks for the information. I asked because I wondered why someone would choose to terminate a late pregnancy if that pregnancy does not put the mother’s life at risk. The only explanation I could come up with was that there were a lack of such institutions. Obviously, I was wrong.

            Years ago, I worked with such an institution in Europe. It was run by nuns, but they did not proselytise their clients (or guests, as they called them) in any way. They just offered the women a safe place to spend their pregnancy, give birth and decide whether they would like to keep the child or put it up for adoption. Most of the women there had realised too late that they were pregnant or did neither want to abort nor raise the child nor deal with social stigmatisation. Those who chose the adoption path could return to their former life without anyone knowing where they had spent the last two or three months.

            While I am pro-choice for the first 12 weeks (and always pro-mother when the pregnancy puts the mother’s life at risk; both are just my views, I don’t want to put them on anyone), I regard such institutions as a very, very good option and wish there were more of them.

            I am not easily shocked, but I must say I cannot get over that Gosnell case with all those folks looking the other way.

    • reader says :

      Mac, it is about the stage of development and the corresponding capabilities. The ability to feel, for instance, especially to feel pain. (Which is a crucial point for me.) The nervous system of a fetus in the last trimester is developed enough to feel pain. In the first 12 weeks, it is not.

      (The capability in the second trimester is still under debate.)

      • Mac says :

        And how does the ability to feel pain make you less of a person? I have one ?, if u don’t stop it what is the result? A child………….

        • reader says :

          Mac, I do neither think nor say that the capability to feel pain makes a person. It is one of many capabilities corresponding to the developmental stage of organs. I regard it as crucial because it is an indicator for the capability to feel. An embryo cannot feel yet because the required neuronal structures are not developed enough. The same goes for the first weeks of the fetal period.

          If the allegations turn out to be true (the trial is not over yet, hence the restriction), Gosnell disrespected that line without medical indication. He and his helpers carried out abortions in stages a fetus can feel and suffer. They even killed viable babies. I lack the words to say what I think about that.

  7. Lynne says :

    Reader, thank you for your response. I was checking into adoption possibilities, and found that there were many reliable, mostly church-affiliated programs for expectant mothers who could not (for whatever reason) keep their baby. There are prominent billboards here, and ads on the internet. The option is very well known here, but there are few women choosing that option apparently. Many women stay in such programs for the assistance and medical care during pregnancy, but plan to keep their babies. They use the nine months to make arrangements, get jobs, find a place to live, etc. Only a very few give up their babies, and those who do get to choose who the child is adopted by in many cases. A shortage of babies for adoption in the US has led to the huge increase in foreign adoptions.
    As you say, the Gosnell case is horrific. The lack of media coverage is a scandal. Those in the state agencies who knew of the situation in that horrible clinic should be prosecuted. Reportedly, there are about ten who were fired. Fired is not enough. I am as sick of bureaucracies as I am the mainstream media. This vile and evil doctor has gotten away with murder for over thirty years.

    • reader says :

      Lynne, I agree. It is a scandal, and the people who knew about it and chose to do nothing should be prosecuted, to make sure that they cannot carry on.

      I wonder whether it would help to promote the view that putting a baby up for adoption is nothing to feel ashamed about but rather a decision which deserves respect.

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