Tokyo #1 target of North Korea nuke strike

I find this situation extremely alarming, first and foremost because my brother and his family lives in Tokyo. North Korea has told Japan that they will hit Tokyo as the first target should they decide to go through with a nuclear attack.

It is alarming because we now know that it is not the case, as the Obama admin tried to claim, that North Korea does not have the nuclear weapons or ability to shoot those weapons on its missiles. Those leaked intelligence documents give the lie to that claim: North Korea very much does have both the rocket capability and the weapons to deliver on their threat. Anyone who has been watching North Korea’s actions, both with missile tests and the aid they’ve been giving Syria and Iran for nuclear weapons development over the last five years, knew that they did.

It is alarming because Lil Kim is an absolute nutter and he’s painting himself into a box. You have to remember that he is from a culture that values face-saving above just about all else. It is called chae-myun in Korean: “Chae-myun,” which loosely translates into family honour or pride, is to be maintained at all costs. The central tenet is to protect the dignity, self-respect, and honour of the individual, family, and country. In certain situations, it is more honourable to commit suicide than to expose something shameful about their family. It is an unspoken code of honour, steeped in Confucian morality. Japan has something similar and it is why you don’t want to take the last subway train home at night You will be delayed getting home because the likelihood is high that someone who “disgraced” themselves in some way at work (business deal they were in charge of fell through for instance) will throw themselves under the train as a means to restore their honour. Messy.

As Lil Kim ups the rhetoric, he ups the likelihood that he would follow through on that rhetoric, even if the consequences would be disastrous for his own country — even if it meant his own country got wiped out — in order to not only not lose face himself before his people but so that his country does not lose face before the world.

It would be just fricking dandy if the movers and shakers in the Western world would pay attention to cultural factors that can cause people from other cultures to behave, you know, not like people in Western cultures. To take into account that people like Ahmadinejad and Lil Kim may do things that the West can’t conceive of because in the West they’d be considered irrational (suicidal, etc) decisions. Right, you know, just like the results of the Arab Spring were so in line with what those Western ‘experts’ predicted…the myopia and obtuseness is simply astounding.


8 responses to “Tokyo #1 target of North Korea nuke strike”

  1. tddpirate says :

    Several years ago I claimed that Saddam Hussein hid his chemical weapons in Syria. Now they surface.

    Now I suspect that Iran does have nuclear bombs – made by North Korea from uranium enriched by North Korea.

    Further, I suspect that North Korea is covering for Iran by secretly threatening the world that it will A-bomb places if the Iranian nuclear facilities are attacked.

    So it seems that the world gave our Bibi Netanyahu the power to be the match which ignited the nuclear World War III. All it takes for it to be started is to ensure that Sara Netanyahu is told, by way of gossip, that Ahmedinjad said disparaging words on her see-through dress.

    How sweet!

    • Lynne says :

      TddPirate, yes, very likely—probably surely, that North Korea and Iran are working together to obtain and then USE nuclear weapons against the West— the US and allies.

      The US and the European countries are willfully ignorant or just plain stupid not to see the problems and the danger facing them. As for the Obama Administration, it’s clear that they are lying to the American people and the rest of the world. I got the same kind of education that Obama did—from professors with a Far Left ideology—and they were unabashedly anti-American. So, does Obama want the destruction of America? Or is he is so naive as to believe that he can befriend North Korea and Iran, ignoring the fact that they want the destruction of the West and NOT friendship?
      The world is in crisis. I am sure that the citizens of Rome and other destroyed civilizations could not envision their demise, just as the citizens of the world are not seeing the possibility of these rogue nations destroying their countries.

  2. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check your email daily for house updates 🙂

  3. Jake from Philly says :

    Yael, this line from your posting is right on the money: “It would be just fricking dandy if the movers and shakers in the Western world would pay attention to cultural factors that can cause people from other cultures to behave, you know, not like people in Western cultures.” I wish somebody would make our leaders read that every morning.

    • Lynne says :

      HI, Jake! Hope that all is well with you and your family. Yes, I agree with that, too. Too many (probably most) of our politicians and reporters in the mainstream media are ethnocentric. They discount cultural differences as though they do not exist. Ignoring those differences is dangerous.

      • SirJohn says :

        A look into history books would help, too. Hitler found himself in a similar predicament, he had steered his country into a war that was impossible to win. He had not planned it this way. Definitely not. But latest in 1943 things were pretty dire, and in 1944 it was a certainty that Germany would lose the war. So, what did he do? Try to negotiate peace? Try to save what could be saved for his people, his country, may be even himself?

        Nope. On the contrary: he decided the only acceptable fate for himself and his people would be “glorious” death on the battlefield. On the way to that death he planned to take along as many people as he could.

        And he came from just a normal European cultural background.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Sir John, very true!

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