Additional attack attempts at Boston marathon?

Breitbart news is reporting that police are on the lookout for a yellow Penske box truck that tried to gain access to the bombing sites claiming to contain ‘medical supplies’ as well as a man, described as a foreigner by his accent, who was acting suspiciously and tried to gain access to a restricted area. As we know from past experience in Israel, often terrorists try to set off additional explosions once emergency personnel converge on the scene (lots more victims in waiting) or outside the nearest hospitals where victims are being rushed. The Blaze is reporting the truck tried to gain access an hour before the bombings but, I think it was a CNN report, said the truck tried to gain access with the emergency responders (firetrucks, ambulances, etc).

There were two additional bombs at the scene that, thanks G-d, did not go off.

Doctors at one of the hospitals told Fox that they were well prepared for a mass casualty event like this as they had taken training here in Israel by our emergency responders and some of our emergency responder experts had gone there and helped to train the whole hospital, so the triage and treatment of the injured victims went very smoothly.

I am thinking that this is most likely Muslim extremists but the other high possibility is that it is someone or someones angered by the gun control debate who want to prove that if you want to kill a lot of people, you don’t need a gun to do it.


4 responses to “Additional attack attempts at Boston marathon?”

  1. SirJohn says :

    As some of you might know, I was intimately involved in the 9/11 rescue operations and investigation. From my experience on that day, I learned to be extremely careful with these kind of reports:

    During the afternoon of 9/11 I personally had received either over citywide band or from one of my lieutenants the following “confirmed” incidents: a bomb in the lincoln tunnel. A bomb in the midtown tunnel. A truck full of explosives on GW Brigde. A shootout between NYPD and terrorists who were fleeing Manhattan. A bomb in a truck right around the corner from where I was (we evacuated the street corner).

    All of this, of course, turned out to be nonsense. But all of it came through official channels and was, at some point, believed by NYPD officers.

    On a day like that the fears and the imagination of people go into overdrive. Prudent authorities take everything seriously until checked out. Therefore, we have to be extremely wary of these reports. They might turn out to be true, but chances are, they are not.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Sir John, excellent points, as always!

  3. Lynne says :

    Sir John, yes, I agree. Information is trickling out as they find it, and it’s a very sketchy picture right now.
    Whether it is a domestic terrorist or a foreign one, I hope that he is caught. No groups seem to be taking credit so far, which seems strange to me. Makes me wonder if it is indeed a domestic terrorist.
    If you want to see stupid, go read some of the comments on the online media sites. One stupid woman said that the day before the attack, Marco Rubio said that there were many ways to commit violence besides using guns and that the US has a problem with violence…so she thinks that Rubio committed the attack! Seriously. She says that it “too much of a coincidence”. Good grief.

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