calling BS on the ‘there was no way to protect the entire route’ claim

With every imminently preventable attack that takes place on American soil — be it nutburgers with guns shooting up schools and movie theatres — to events like the bombing at the Boston Marathon, my frustration grows. Politicians and police officials come out by the dozens to say that there is no way to prevent against these sorts of attacks (unless they are proposing measures that will clearly do nothing to prevent against these sorts of attacks). I call bullsh*t on this. These attacks are preventable: We prevent them here in Israel all the time.

What should have been done at the Boston Marathon, and every other major event? It is easy, folks. You put barricades up at all the side streets connecting to the route and put an armed guard there: no admission via this point of entry allowed. Every 5th or 6th side street feeding into the route has several armed guards with metal detector wands and the public can enter via those points: Every person who enters has their backpacks/purses/bags visually checked and the wand passed over them and the person’s torso (checking for suicide bomb belts). This is done for all of our major events, be it some of the large-scale public protests with more than 400,000 attending, or smaller scale events like concerts. It is done if you want to enter a shopping mall. It has never taken me more than a 5-10 minute wait to gain entry to our public events, no matter how large, because the check of each person is quick and efficient.

This procedure would not protect against someone who lived along that route coming down from their apartment with the bomb(s) in tow — but it cuts down on the chance and if it were to be the case, investigators would know to hone in on people residing along the route. They’d know where to look.

And here’s the deal. This bombing took place at an event where the police were conducting a bomb exercise. The area at the start and finish were flooded with bomb sniffing dogs, police, lookouts on the roofs, etc. That exercise obviously gets a failing grade.

Pamela Geller, writing over at the American Thinker, has an excellent article up about the extremely sad state of American intelligence: The Epic Failure of the Intel Agencies


9 responses to “calling BS on the ‘there was no way to protect the entire route’ claim”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    French Jews move to Israel. Here a video “France’s Jewish exodus” at

  2. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, I’m offended by your short-sighted comments. Obama and the DHS, headed by the capable and lovely Janet Napolitano, are going to take immediate measures to prevent such tragic events in the future: they plan to ban pressure cookers.

  3. Coyote says :

    I was wondering why many of the security measures that are taken in Times Square on New Year’s Eve for the ball drop weren’t taken for the Marathon. Certainly many of them would have been quite feasible?

    Just a thought …

  4. Coyote says :

    Sealing manholes … Special devices to detect WMD … more security that checks people out before letting them stand where we see them on TV … just a few things that NYPD does …

  5. erin says :

    You are absolutely right about the lack of security in sporting events. I did a 10k last weekend along with 32000 other folks. No one was checking our backpacks, people were able to gain entry to the race course, sponsor tents, bag check, and other activities from a gazillion different directions using main streets, side streets, and alleys, and the presence of police and security was minimal. In the other races and triathlons I have done it was the same thing. Inside Edition, which granted is a gossip new show, interviewed a former secret service agent who recommended to stay away from glass windows, trash cans, and mailboxes in large crowded events. Yeah, cuz bombers would never put bombs in one of the dozens of porta-potties scattered all over the course. Idiots.

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, I hear you. The days when we can walk around without considering safety are long gone. The DHS is a joke, just another bureaucratic, inadequate agency to make Americans think that security is being taken care of. The DHS is a collection of the usual bureaucratic losers.

  6. SirJohn says :

    All the years I worked in LE I had a mantra: “Look at how the Israelis do it. They know how to. Let’s learn from them.” The NYPD are and were the only ones willing to listen, at least somewhat. Federal agencies, on the other hand know everything better. And once Janet took over DHS,… well, we know who is seen as the enemy in Washington. And who is not.

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