Missing Brown University student one of the bombers?

Police scanners have identified the ‘white hat’ (suspect 2) bomber as being Sunil Tripathi, a Brown University student who went missing without a trace back in March. I’m totally in shock, not sure I believe it. I’ve been following the search for him by his family and the FBI because he’s related, though distantly, to a childhood friend.

Mike Mulugeta has been named as the first (now dead) suspect. It isn’t clear, however, if Mulugeta is suspect 1 (black hat) in the bombing as well as in the shooting of the MIT campus police officer. The photo of the dead guy shows him having blonde or very light brown hair and the photo of the black hat bomber clearly shows a very dark haired man. He could have dyed his hair, to try to hide his identity, or could there be more than just the two bombers involved?

I’d bet my money that dead blonde and white hat were on the MIT campus to plant explosives and/or perhaps to do a Virginia Tech style attack when they were interrupted by the police officer they killed. Shortly before Tripathi’s disappearance explosives were found near Brown University. They were destroyed in a controlled detonation and police have yet to implicate anyone in the bomb scare. At the time, there was nothing to link Tripathi to the explosives (at least publicly) but in hindsight it isn’t often that the FBI gets involved in a missing person search for someone suspected to have gone off and committed suicide.


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