The only rationale for not deporting Saudi National Al-Harbi

It is quite clear that something untoward went on high (very very high) up in the U.S. government regarding changing the status of Saudi National Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. He first came to national attention when, injured in the Boston bombing, he was interviewed by police and intelligence officials. It then came out that he had already been scheduled for deportation, prior to the bombing, under section 212 3B of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) – “Security and related grounds” – “Terrorist activities.” Suddenly, however, Janet Napolitano was front and center saying no, no, that isn’t so and he even got a personal visit from Michelle Obama in the hospital. Multiple high level intelligence sources say, however, that the deportation order has been altered following the bombing and he is not now going to be deported.

The only rationale that makes sense from a security and intelligence perspective (and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense –maybe Sir John can weigh in and correct me if my perspective is off-base) is that AlHarbi is being used by intelligence to gain information on his unsavoury contacts. It could be that they want to put him at ease and keep him under surveillance to track his contacts — but you’d think that, given the media coverage following the bombing on him, that his contacts would realize he’s been compromised and would shut him out cold. It could also be that, in that little chat they had with him in the hospital, they convinced him to cooperate and either give up information on his contacts or to act as a future informant after things have died down.

I’d say either would be taking too much of a risk a) given his exposure and b) because if they considered him such a gold mine of potential intelligence information and not an immediate threat, they wouldn’t have signed the deportation orders to begin with and would have kept him around all-unknowing while tapping his phones, intercepting his online communications and so forth.

The other alternatives for why his deportation was rescinded just stink to high heaven.

Congress is now on the case. They have in their possession a confirmed valid copy of the original deportation order and the subsequent altered order. Glenn Beck and The Blaze essentially broke this story originally and have continued to break this story — with other network venues (Fox, Breitbart) gaining independent confirmation. The Blaze promises that today they will bring forth additional informaton, so check them out later in the day. (Beck says there is concrete evidence that this guy is “a very, very, very bad man”).

Congress got on the case after Beck released this statement last week, giving the govt until today to come clean:


2 responses to “The only rationale for not deporting Saudi National Al-Harbi”

  1. Lynne says :

    When he was still in the hospital, under guard “but not a suspect, just a person of interest”, it was reported that Kerry met with a high level Saudi official in Washington, and then that Obama had an unscheduled meeting with a Saudi official…the official was not identified and it could have been the same one or different, if this is true at all.
    Something is up and that is for sure. I wonder what Glenn Beck is going to say tomorrow, and if the mainstream media will cover it at all?
    Interestingly, Obama has been very silent since the bombers were identified, one dead and one captured… hardly a peep.

    • SirJohn says :

      A terrorism related deportation is pretty rare and usually will be attacked by any decent immigration attorney. The FBI will have to be extremely sure about what they are doing, then convince the notoriously anti-deportation DHS under Napi that they should issue a NTA, then DHS has to convince an immigration judge, then you file an appeal with BIA, then appeal to the Circuit Court and each time the government’s findings will be scrutinized to the extreme.

      Or you call your king. Saudi nationals are special breed. It was after 9/11 and it seems to be now, that not only most of the terrorist suspects either are Saudi citizens or have ties to Saudi Arabia, but also that mysteriously proceedings against evaporate once a Saudi sheik speed-dials the White House.

      Yeah, those special connections. DHS lately put Saudi nationals into a very narrow program of very trusted nations who can bypass immigration at our airports…

      Honi soit…

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