Such peaceful fellow mosque buddies certainly suggest bombers acted alone…(/sarcasim off)

Fox reports: “Investigators piecing together the recent activities of the two suspected Boston Marathon bombers in an effort to determine when the older of the brothers began to embrace a radical brand of Islam should take a close look at where he worshipped, according to a group that has been eyeing the mosque for years.

To wit, here are some of his illustrious fellow worshipers at the family mosque:

  • Not only does the mosque in general have strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood but one of its founders, Abdurahman Alamoudi, pled guilty in 2004 for conducting illegal transactions with the Libyan government and his partial role in a conspiracy to assassinate Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. Alamoudi, who served as an Islamic adviser to President Clinton, was accused by critics of espousing pro-American language while lobbying in Washington, while expressing his support of terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah when addressing Islamist rallies.
  • In March 2010, Imam Abdullah Faarooq gave a sermon praising Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT graduate who had returned to her native Pakistan in 2003 and was later exposed as courier and financier for Al Qaeda. She was eventually arrested in Afghanistan with containers of sodium cyanide and notes on making a bomb. In his sermon, Faarooq proclaimed Siddiqui’s innocence and told worshippers, “You must grab on to this rope, grab on to the typewriter, grab on to the shovel, grab on to the gun and the sword, don’t be afraid to step out into this world and do your job.”
  • Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, an original trustee of the Islamic Society of Boston and known as the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. In the past, he has told followers in sermons that Jews and homosexuals should be “exterminated.” The Anti-Defamation League has referred to him as a “Theologian of Terror,” and he once wrote in an Arabic newspaper editorial that Jews are “the Rapists of worshippers of Allah.”
  • Tariq Mehanna and Ahmed Abousamra were mosque members who, in 2009, were indicted by federal prosecutors for providing material support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill in a foreign country.
  • Jihad Watch has a list of even more illustrious, so peaceful, and non-Jihadi members of the bombers’ mosque including at least one on the lam and on the FBI most-wanted list
  • And there so much more to suggest that these bombers acted as lone wolves, had no support or folks around and about to help ’em out with their plans, and gosh darn it is just incomprehensible how these guys ended up wanting to bomb innocent people whose taxes went to pay for the welfare payments they received for years in the country that gave them refuge and scholarships and opportunities…

    Oh yeah, and Tamarlan was supposedly on a terror watch list (obviously they weren’t watching too closely), Russia not only contacted the U.S. intelligence with concerns over this guy and his terrorist ties once but multiple times (last time in November 2012) and undoubtedly more information will come out showing just how unconnected and lone wolfy these guys were — unless the govt manages to scrub the information like they tried to do with the Saudi National whom they had listed in their ‘deport!’ file as being ‘armed and dangerous.’ More on that soon.

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    5 responses to “Such peaceful fellow mosque buddies certainly suggest bombers acted alone…(/sarcasim off)”

    1. Lynne says :

      What is wrong with the Democrats? Really. I can totally understand a different philosophy on politics, but in matters of national security, why on earth would they ignore these important issues or try to engage in a cover-up?
      I notice that some in the media are not buying the FBI version and are pushing for answers. Other media sources are complicit with FBI/WH excuses and lies.

      • MrEthiopian says :

        Lynne, how can you blame the Democrats, true our President is a Democrat but Washington is NOT run strictly by Democrats, if it was our nation would not have so many problems. Do you think that when a Democratic president comes into office that everyone in government is kicked out and replaced with Democrats? Its true it looks like the FBI dropped the ball on this one, but we still don’t have all the facts.

        btw- the FBI employes thousands of people do you think that everyone in the FBI is a Democrat?

        Were you so angry with the Republicans for 9/11, many in the government including the FBI dropped the ball on that one.

      • SirJohn says :

        Because of the policy set by the WH. Of course, not every agent or officer in LE is a democrat. But they have to follow orders. General policy is set at the top. An example is DHS: Border Patrol agents are currently suing the government, claiming their orders are unlawful and unconstitutional. The orders they sue about are that they are no longer to do their job and arrest illegal aliens. Never before in our history have agents sued the government on these grounds.

        The Border Patrol is only one part of LE. Every part is exposed to policies set by the WH. The FBI also has its orders what not to see.

    2. MrEthiopian says :

      I just posted on the Islamic Society of Boston asking how they can have a trustee that preaches “Jews and homosexuals should be “exterminated” when I always read is that Islam is a peaceful religion and does not preach hate or violence.

      If this story is true and that mosque has preached to its people that they should be exterminating other humans outside of their religion, then that mosque should be shut down and anyone who has ever set foot in the mosque should be monitored and be scrutinized by the FBI, I also wonder if the officers of the mosque can be charged with a crime linking them to the Boston bombers, if the seed of hate was planted at the mosque then they are responsible.

      Terrorism and how America reacts is not a Democratic or Republican problem its a problem for us all to solve.

      MrEthiopian – Registered Independent

    3. tddpirate says :

      OFFTOPIC: How long before the following conspiracy theory starts to circulate in Egypt: that Israel was behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat.
      Plausible reasons:
      – Sadat was the only Arab leader who was smart enough to almost defeat Israel in a war.
      – He was planning a major attack against Israel, after having lulled Israel into false sense of security by means of the peace agreement.
      – Mubarak was in cahoots with Israel so that he’ll get power over Egypt and enjoy the benefits of a corrupt government in exchange for not bothering Israel.

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