Ode to the new kitty litter — yes, it is the little things in life!

You guys are used to hearing me kvetch pretty much weekly about what a disaster my apartment has gotten into during the work week, especially after my back-to-back seriously long days of Tuesday and Wednesday. Here’s a refreshing divergence (and trust me, it is more refreshing for me than for you!).

See, usually when I get home very late on Tuesday evening, I find that the cats have done just about everything one would think a cat could do to destroy one’s house. Ah but that is what you’d get for thinking because, not only am I too tired on Tuesday to restore order but while I am gone from pre-dawn until well after dusk on Wednesday, the cats manage to out-do themselves. Yeah, I cringe as I near my apartment, knowing the absolute chaos and disaster (and usually smell from the litterboxes on top of it) awaiting me. This week, however, was different and it is all down to a serendipitous exchange.

For years I’ve been using a scoopable kitty litter called Pets Pal. I use it because it is the cheapest of the scoopables, comes in really big bags and my pet store has a buy 5 and get one free on it. That is handy because I go through nearly that much every week. When the pet store made their delivery on Monday, they called to tell me they were out of stock of it and could only send me one and were substituting two bags of something called icat in place of the other two I’d ordered brought. I was not thrilled. I should have been.

When I got home on Tuesday, there was very little damage done in the apartment. In fact, only a couple of their baskets had been knocked off the perches (most likely by Tzofia because her bum leg often catches the rims when she is jumping out and takes the basket down with her) The kitties weren’t being aggressive toward one another. It was a scene of domestic bliss. I was like, hmmm. Last night I got home and did not find all the spices knocked off the spice shelf and on the floor. I did not find all the books on the bookshelf scattered round the room. I did not find Muffin’s usual ‘yeah, you know I’m not going anywhere near one of those stinky litterboxes’ stinky messes not in the stinky litterbox. The kitties were still being nice to one another. The litterboxes were not stinky.

Dude, this icat actually absorbs and the litter that they haven’t gone on stays fresh. I actually witnessed Muffin going into a litterbox and going. She usually will do that only after I’ve freshly cleaned the litterbox, meaning having emptied all of the contents and put in 100% new litter. She won’t go into a scooped litterbox. Last night she went into a litterbox I hadn’t had time to scoop! I love this stuff. This morning I called the pet store and was like, yo, will you give me the same deal on the icat and at the same price? Great, bring it on! On top of the bargain, one of the perks of the icat is that, because of the way it absorbs, I am having to bring less of it out.

Yeah, the little things in life can make a very big difference.


One response to “Ode to the new kitty litter — yes, it is the little things in life!”

  1. Lynne says :

    Those kinds of changes make a BIG difference!! Get a huge supply of that stuff!

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