plans for tomorrow

I’m making an implementation intention to wake up early tomorrow and, before it gets too hot, walk the mile and a half or so to the garden store and get 30 pounds of some good potting dirt. I’ve got to try to get some of the sweet peppers started if I want any sweet peppers out of my garden and I’ve a host of other things I want to start!

I ate a HUGE salad for lunch today and have more lettuce left for a dinner salad tonight and lunch and dinner tomorrow, with leaves left over for sandwiches in the next week, because my 3 mature lettuce plants have been cut and come again enough — the leaves are starting to get tough and slightly bitter — and so I harvested all three. I’ve got 12 more big lettuce plants that aren’t yet big enough to harvest from (another week!). I’m hoping I can keep in lettuce through mid June but, going on how wilty they were today after two days of not being able to water them plus the heat, I’m not sure. Only 7 of the 16 radish seeds I planted have sprouted because one of the outside kitties dug up an entire line of them. If I get the potting — no, when I get the potting soil tomorrow –I am going to start some in starter pots and then transplant them out when they sprout.

I’ve got more tomato plants volunteering themselves all over the garden. I’m thinking of putting them in little plastic starter pots and offering them free to passersby. You know, try your hand at growing your own mystery tomato plant. I hate the idea of just composting them and cutting short their chance to produce babies.

I’m hoping to find aubergine (eggplant) and okra seeds at the garden store too. I’d forgotten about okra because I haven’t eaten any in like close on to 10 years — you can get it frozen here but it is very expensive. I’ve seen it a couple of places fresh in the summer but priced way out of my price range. Grow it, baby!

I will definitely have to get up early in order to get the dirt because I’ve also got to do regular grocery shopping before the stores close and a pile of grading to continue on with.


One response to “plans for tomorrow”

  1. Lynne says :

    Be sure to bring your cart to pull that soil. Can you take a bus there? Look for the package of seeds I sent. Mail is slow though…

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