I got the dirt and a mini spending spree

Some people impulse buy at the checkout counter of the grocery store, others in malls but my downfall is Rabbi Akiva street. I try not to venture along there very often because of that. I always see so many skirts and, granted less often, tops I’d love to have, all on sale outside their shops, kitchen gagets, pretty table cloths, runners, etc for shabbat, and just about anything else that the sign “sale” attached to it might make you start hankering for it. I had utter resolve all the long way to the garden center.

Mission successful: I got 50 litres of potting soil, aubergine and oregano seeds and a packet of flower seeds that I’m going to see if I can get to grow since the lobelia didn’t come up. The only thing they lacked was okra seeds but I can live with that.

On the way back, I used nerves of steel to go past my favourite skirt shop without even looking at any of the skirts on the 19 and 29 shek racks. I needed to stop in and get a pair of ozniots so I can listen to my ipod when out and about. Got ’em. Did not get the CD of songs for Shabbat that was on sale for nearly free. Ummmm. That is where the resolve ended.

I stopped in the little grocery store that has really (really) good prices. I only wanted to get the inexpensive loaf of bread and a small challah. I came out with two of those industrial use size cans of pickles (you know, the size used in schools, etc) — I was like only 17 sheks for each can! Regular cans of pickles are 9 sheks and each of these big boys holds the equivalent of 5 of those regular cans. Yeah, I should be good with pickles through the summer. Ok, maybe til July. I am a serious pickle eater.

They had a buy 8 cans of tuna for 22 sheks deal and yep, in went 8. Sale on paper coffee cups, in went a stack along with a bunch of the on-sale plastic plates I use to feed the wet food to my sick kitties. I’m not really sure how the package of on-sale frozen spinach and the veggie burgers got into my cart. I must have simply forgotten to put them back. Ahem. Diet coke was on sale for 6 sheks cheaper and 4 bottles went into the cart. Honestly, I would have put more in the cart only these were the last four bottles they had! Did I stop there, oh no. I splurged and got eggs, 3 bananas, and 5 beautiful orange bell peppers that were on sale for 3 sheks (in the regular store they are 8 sheks). I ate one of the bell peppers on the way home when I had to stop and rest. A horse would have had a hard time pulling my little grocery cart home!

I’m pretty sure that if I’d bought one of those 29 sheks skirts, I’d have come out of the grocery with just the bread and challah I went in for…


6 responses to “I got the dirt and a mini spending spree”

  1. Lynne says :

    Sounds like a fun shopping spree! Good luck with your gardening. I think I mailed you okra seeds!

    • israeliminx says :

      Oh Ema, how lovely!!! Thank you! I’m going to be haunting my mailbox 🙂

      I got 6 little pots of eggplant seeds in and 4 with red bell pepper seeds this afternoon, as well as trimming a bit of the verge along our low wall separating the side/front yard from the side/back yard. I cut them mostly to have a clear view of what and where to dig up tomorrow so I can replace the plants that grow out of control (they give us very pretty flowers in the very early spring and again in the fall but look like weeds –and waist-high weeds at that –the rest of the year. And they are the Israeli equivalent of kudzu) with a wide border of thyme instead. There is a 4′ long stretch along that wall that gets sun almost all day and I’m thinking to put in a couple of eggplant, oregano, and hot peppers along there in the back with a single front border, instead of a 3 deep layer, of thyme along there. Still not sure about that but I think it would be pretty and useful at the same thyme. Right, bad spelling pun.

      • Lynne says :

        Keep in mind that thyme is one herb that needs consistent moisture in order to survive. Not a lot of water, but water daily. A bit more hardy is oregano—super hardy, in fact. Drought-tolerant, too. Greek oregano or Italian… all good. Oregano has a mounding habit, so it looks nice and neat. Can take cold temperatures as well as the heat.

        • israeliminx says :

          Ema, actually thyme doesn’t need much water at all, that is why it is native to basically here 🙂 It thrives in poor, sandy soil and needs lots of water only as a seedling. Once it is fully established and the roots have gone deep, it can go up to two months without a drip of water from above, though it will be happier (and get less woody) if it gets a light watering once a week.

          • Lynne says :

            I didn’t know that. The thyme I have here is finicky. Perhaps the thyme here is adapted to cooler, more moist climates.

  2. israeliminx says :

    It could be one of a couple of things making yours finicky. First, your soil is probably more rich and fertile than thyme prefers. Thyme can thrive growing out of rock crevices — it isn’t called the plant that thrives on neglect for nothing. If it is grown in nutrient rich, nice soil, the leaves are far less flavourfull and the plant is leggy. Thyme is slow-growing: It takes about 8 months for it to be established, so yours might still be in infancy/teenage-hood. It does best where it can get 8+ hours of full sun but will grow even in conditions where it gets almost full shade (though very leggy and finicky in those conditions). This also goes for oregano btw, but oregano needs a bit more water than thyme. Both prefer really crappy, sandy soil though (and lavender and rosemary too).

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