Morning garden: Not a mystery for long!

I’ve been out in the garden and plan to go out and do more later this afternoon when it starts getting a bit cooler. We are heatin’ up around here, enough so that the tomato plants getting direct morning sun were wilty and needing water, despite my having watered them yesterday afternoon. They are also getting tall so I got some of the cloth ties to tie them to the stake I put next to some of them (I only have 3 stakes and need to get more –a lot more). When I was tying up the two that get the most sun, I discovered that both of them are blooming! Three little flowers on one and two on the other. I am very excited, especially as both of these plants are of the mystery variety — I won’t know what kind of tomato they grow until they grow them! With flowers on ’em, it won’t be long before the mystery is solved.

There are baby hot peppers on the biggest pepper plant and the second hot pepper plant has started to bloom.

Most of what I did this morning was to pick up the copious amounts of trash that people throw in our yard. I collected two garbage bags full and didn’t get it all. I turned the two compost piles and they are coming along nicely –two or three weeks from now, hopefully I can put them on the garden. I started digging a garden bed over on the left-hand side of the yard. I’ve not done to that side, mostly because it is mostly in the shade all day and only the kudzu-like plants grow there (and boy howdy do they grow). There is a strip however that gets sun from around 2:30 in the afternoon onwards and I plan to put the remaining tomato seedlings and try some zucchini there. I mean, why not? It may come to nothing but the zukes I planted last year grew like gangbusters, flowered all over the place, and didn’t make a single zucchini and they were in prime full-sun location so I figure the experiment can’t hurt. I got about half the bed dug up (well, dug time one) before I got too hot and came in.

I’m hoping to start seeds later for oregano, zucchini, basil, parsley (you cannot have too much parsley and 7 plants just is not enough), and radishes all in little individual pots. I am researching the best way to start and later set out Dahlia Simple Dwarf Mignon Mixed seeds I bought yesterday. Anyone have experience with Dahlias? One of the interesting things I’ve found is that, while they are listed as annuals on the package and are annuals most places, they should be perennials here. I also want to transplant some of the bigger thyme seedlings around the front rose bush.


2 responses to “Morning garden: Not a mystery for long!”

  1. Lynne says :

    Have you asked your neighbors to add their raw veggie scraps to your compost pile? Not cooked foods though…

  2. israeliminx says :

    I’m considering that idea but I think my neighbours are mostly of the consume but not get the hands dirty variety. None of them bother to pick up discarded crisp sacks and candy bar wrappers that people discard right onto our walkway — they just step over them and continue on and we’ve got a little garbage can right at the mailboxes by the front door they could stuff them in.

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