Colorado corrupted

Anyone who has ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand knows that in the novel Colorado was the last bastion of free market sensibilities, work ethics, productivity, and prosperity. It was the only hope for a nation, well pretty much in willful and strategic decay, decline, and desperation — rather the trajectory the U.S. is on now. If writing Atlas today, Rand would most certainly have chosen say, North Dakota, to fill Colorado’s role. as Colorado today bears no resemblance to that of yesteryear.

Oh sure, Colorado was also a hippy mecca back in the day, thanks to John Denver and his Rocky Mountain High in Colorado, but it was also a reliably down to earth and sensible state. No more.

Colorado is on the forefront of the battle against Second Amendment rights. Its lawmakers are telling women that you know, the guy who has a string of rape convictions behind him and is chasing you down a dark and deserted alley — well, you know, you may think he is intent on raping you but you’d probably be wrong. If you aren’t wrong, just whip out your trusty ball point pen to foil his attack!

They’ve mandated explicit sex education for first graders (I kid you not). Yes, six year olds really need to know how to correctly put on a condom and about the joys and risks of oral sex. I guess that isn’t quite as bad as the measure passed in the U.K. a few weeks ago requiring kindergarteners to learn that pornography isn’t really bad and has some good purposes.

Now Colorado has just repealed a law that requires police to report illegals to the Federal government. There is still a full slate of bills yet to reach official signing (but don’t worry, coming soon!) — like driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, a Common Cause-drafted election bill and a slew of anti-business legislation.

Ayn Rand is turning over in her grave. Colorado is lost. Let’s hope the rest of the country is not as doomed as it was in her novel. At least there’s still North Dakota and Texas…

In memory of the potential Colorado had, here is my favourite song about Colorado by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils:


2 responses to “Colorado corrupted”

  1. Lynne says :

    The direction that the US is taking is absolutely scary.

  2. tddpirate says :

    Reading this blog article was a freezing hell and flying pigs moment for me.
    I used to follow Ayn Rand’s philosophy and still have a half shelf devoted to her books. Meanwhile I moderated a bit after realizing that her followers do not have a good answer to someone who wants to build a skyscraper with an elevator and wants to have it well managed.

    I didn’t think I’ll find less than critical references to her in this blog.

    By the way, isn’t North Dakota the state where they are on the verge of outlawing monthly disposal of unfertilized human eggs due to the loss of their potential for life?

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