feeling like a fried egg

Yo folks, it is only barely May and my apartment is like an oven on broil. I’ve got every fan in the house blowing –directly at me from every angle I’ve got an outlet to plug one into –and it is providing no relief. I’m hot, the cats are hot. I guess that is why I’m not in such a hurry to get my hot water heater fixed (I think it is just the switch). On Sunday I’m going to call the landlord and hit him right between the eyes: Get someone here to fix the hot water heater, someone to fix the leaking connection to the toilet, and GET ME A DAMN AIR-CONDITIONER. He can either get me a working air conditioner or he can try to find a tenant to rent this place without an air-conditioner in August when my lease is up at this price — good luck with that, dude.

I’ve had an extremely hectic week and am too tired to write much tonight but I promise updates tomorrow: lots of political stuff to discuss, terrorism in the news (or not as the case seems to be in the U.S.), kitty updates, and, of course the garden! Unless, of course, I’ve spontaneously combusted overnight. If so, scatter my ashes on my landlord’s doorstep.


8 responses to “feeling like a fried egg”

  1. Lynne says :

    The weather here in Austin had warmed up, but we have a North wind and now the temperatures have dropped to the 40’s. It’s suddenly cold here! That’s Texas for you!

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    it’s supposed to be in the 80’s here. but tomorrow we are going to have a high temp of 60!

  3. Lynne says :

    Tiger Mike, are you at home or flying to places exotic and wonderful? Take care!

    • Tiger Mike says :

      At home for a few more days. Then back to Korea, Taiwan, China and Alaska.

      • israeliminx says :

        Wow, Tiger! Out of the three Asian countries, which is your favourite to have stop-overs at?

        • Tiger Mike says :

          None. I prefer Europe. Cologne, Milan, Mainz and in a pinch, Paris.

          But I may stop flying international in a couple of months

          • Lynne says :

            I cannot imagine the stress of flying internationally. Such very long trips. Would it be easier to fly only domestically? Or, does that have its stresses, too.

      • Lynne says :

        Glad to hear that you have some time at home. Wishing you safe travels!

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