the garden looks beautiful

I’ve got to thank my currently unknown neighbour (I think it was one of the kids) who watered the veggies on Wednesday when it was really hot and they would have been really dry, and I was at work. When I got home it was already well past dark and I’d never have known of the good deed if I hadn’t tripped over the watering can on my way to put food down for the outside cats (the little black cat and about 6-7 others that come up during the day). The watering can was not only out in sort of the middle of the side yard but it was half-full of water. Not where I always tuck it and last I’d tucked it there hadn’t been a drop left.

So, curious, I checked and found that the soil was wet in the little seed pots and, even in the dark, I could see the colour difference in the soil around the tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce etc — wet ground! As a result, I’ve got absolutely beautiful and un-stressed lettuce, celery, tomato plants, etc. Of course, I watered them yesterday and this morning too but they are in happy grow mode and not in the usual recovery mode from a thirsty Wednesday.

Six of the tomato plants are flowering. I’ve got a long hot pepper already in nearly ready to pick status that I hadn’t even noticed before. And both of the hot pepper plants are still flowering and so is the single sweet pepper (which no longer resembles a stick in any way, shape or form). I have lost two of the celery plants. Honestly, I think it is because I put them in the ground too quickly rather than having let them sit in water for a full week. I was over-eager.

The three parsley plants from last year are flowering and going to seed. Parsley is biennial and so I was expecting this just not quite for it to happen so soon. I am going to try to harvest the seeds for planting next year. The four parsley plants I started last fall are doing beautifully.

All of the rose bushes are flowering (a lot) including the two that haven’t flowered at all in all the years I’ve lived here before. Yay!! I think it is the companion planting and the pruning I’ve done.

When I was looking at the little pots I’d stuck seeds in, I realized that I can’t remember which set of pots was planted with what. Last weekend I was like, plant, plant, plant and I clustered the pots by what I’d put in them, thinking I’d remember. Eh no. I know which ones hold the basil seeds (none up yet and I’m not holding my breath — I think it was a packet of old seeds I bought and so need to get another packet) but which ones I put the sweet peppers versus the eggplant versus the parsley …no clue. Four of the pots do have little things pushing up though.

I have more new tomato plant volunteers than I can count sprouting here, there and everywhere! Seriously, I counted more than 20 in a 2ft square area around one of the flowering tomato plants and they’ve sprung up just about everywhere else, including in the current compost piles. I’m going to have to pluck and re-compost them. I just don’t have more spots I can tuck them.

Tomorrow I’m going to take pictures before I harvest parsley, mint, oregano and celery and post them up. OH and another anonymous neighbour stuck a nice-sized plastic planter with a dead plant in it from their apartment out by the garden. What to plant in it, what to plant… 🙂


One response to “the garden looks beautiful”

  1. Lynne says :

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

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