Little Mouse update

I’ve been a bit worried about Little Mouse of late. Right now he is doing fine because he had a steroid shot a couple of weeks ago, meaning he can (sorta) eat. He ‘grazes’ a little bit on the hard food and he’s getting Fancy feast. He’d lost weight, down to 4.1 kilos, when I had him weighed at the vet last time but I already knew that –you could feel every vertebra and his middle was concave. Since the steroid has kicked in, he’s gained some weight back. I’m not satisfied.

One of the things I’m doing, and it is expensive (as in seriously, majorly), is opening 6-8 cans of fancy feast a day for him. He only laps up the gravy and nibbles a bit (a bit) on the parts that are the most saturated with gravy. I’ve tried adding water and mixing it into the food — he won’t touch it. He won’t touch it blended with the blender or heated slightly so it is warm and scentful.

On Thursday, I bought the sugarless version of Ensure. He is not a fan. I’m force-feeding a syringe full of it once a day to buff him up a bit. In the U.S. there is something called Clinicare that is made by the same folks who make Ensure but is formulated specifically for cats and dogs –everything they need diet-wise in a liquid. You can’t get it here. It is also crazy expensive. Well, so is the sugarless Ensure — 20 sheks per can — only two days’ worth of feedings (it is only safe to feed for a max of 48 hours after opening the can, so most of the can goes to waste. And he hates it.)

The pharmacist was amazing. She called all over the place trying to find someone who carries the Clinicare (which is usually administered via a feeding tube and not just eaten because cats don’t seem to like the taste) and talked with 4 different vets who specialize in pharmacology for advice, unfortunately with no luck.

So this is what I am determined to do. I am determined to come up with a recipe for a gravy that is the same consistency as the FF gravy he loves but that has all of the nutritional needs for a cat packed into it. It will need to be something I can make and either freeze into manageable portions (that won’t lose nutritional value as a result or during the defrosting) or can be vacuum sealed and stored in the cupboard (by far the best option if we are talking convenience). I started research on Thursday and have some ideas for how to fulfill some of the requirements but haven’t found a solution for others –a whole host of others. Once classes are over in June, I intend to turn my kitchen into a laboratory. Let the experimentation begin!


10 responses to “Little Mouse update”

  1. Lynne says :

    Is the problem his teeth? Is pain keeping him from eating? You are giving a steroid injection, but could you give prednisone orally? I have a similar issue with one of my cats, Mattie, who has pain due to ulcers. What you can do is to simply take the canned food that he likes and take a fork and smash it up. Put the remainder in the fridge, but later, take it out for an hour to warm back up to room temperature for the next feeding. The steroid injections are good, but the daily dose of pred. keep a constant level in the body which is better. Ask Ronen.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, yes it is the teeth and gums (and roof of his mouth and back of his throat…). I’ve tried putting the remainder in the fridge and giving it to him once it has warmed to room temp, or microwaving it for a few seconds, I’ve tried doing both of those and adding water to make more ‘juice’, I’ve tried doing that and putting it into a blender — he won’t touch it after he’s eaten the original juice. I’m feeding him only two kinds of the seafood variety because it comes with more juice — the patés that come with only a little bit of juice he won’t touch at all.

  2. tddpirate says :

    Could you ask the pharmacist and your vets to look for more cat owners, whose cats need Clinicare or similar formulations, and make some money producing it for all of your Clinicare-needing cats?

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  4. reader says :

    If the poor little bugger is in too much pain to eat solids or puree, why not address that till the cortisone has tone its trick?

    I am aware that cats don’t tolerate the common otc painkillers for humans, but according to these guys, opioids could be used:
    (See especially first answer, last paragraph and second answer, first paragraph.)

    • Lynne says :

      Yes, Reader, you have a wonderful idea. Little Mouse could take a pain med that is given into the mouth directly—just a drop really—and it really helps. It is squirted on the gums –just a tiny amount, less than 0.01 cc or so. Ask Ronen. I am using Buprenex right now for my cat Mattie’s ulcers; it’s often used after a dental procedure for pain.

    • israeliminx says :

      Reader, I’m on it! Thank you!! If there was something that could give him enough relief for even an hour or two at a stretch during the day so that he could eat and eat enough to keep body and soul together, we’d both be over the moon.

  5. erin says :

    Poor Little Mouse. You are such a wonderful momma to these guys:) I hope the vet has something like Reader suggested-my cat (also a rescue) has asthma and it took forever for the vet to believe me that it wasn’t just hairballs. Like by the time they listened and took xrays they couldn’t believe he was still alive.. He takes steroids regularly and that seems to help, but it took me a long time before I was not worried all day while I was working that he would be okay home alone.

    • israeliminx says :

      Erin, your poor little critter! You are doing everything to help him and it is your perseverance that has him getting the meds he needs and still keeping on keeping on! Well done!!

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