I’ve been up, mostly, since shortly before 3 a.m. I got a full night’s worth of sleep and then some, unfortunately just not at night. Yesterday morning I worked in the garden, getting a new bed dug where I’m going to stick some of the remaining tomato seedlings, did some basic things around the house like dishes and recycling, and went to the store. Around 3 in the afternoon I took a break and cooked lunch — sunny side up eggs to go on toast with some nice cherry tomatoes. I planned to do more housework, to go out and transplant the tomatoes and sow some flower seeds my Ema sent, and do some grading. Very quickly after eating, however, abject exhaustion hit.

A little lie-down turned into out for the count. At some point I obviously woke up from my position on the couch and moved myself to the bed but I have no recollection of it. I’d probably have kept sleeping if it hadn’t been for the cats who were frustrated about their long over-due dinner. About an hour ago I was starving again and had a craving for green olives. I ate the entire can of ’em. Only now, I want to go to sleep again. Groan.


One response to “sleepy”

  1. Lynne says :

    Crashing fatigue: You might try just protein and greens, liquids like ice water or iced tea —no fats or carbs for a lunch, and don’t sit down to eat it either, try to keep moving…this may help. And, more of a snack than a lunch…when I say keep moving, I mean just small tasks to help you get over an energy slump.

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