Benghazi cover-up finally being exposed

Now that the Weekly Standard has published the original talking points generated by the CIA and then the multiple sets of changes to them demanded by the White House to remove the initial CIA assertion that the attack on Benghazi was pre-planned, pre-meditated, and conducted by radical Islamist Al Qaeda extremists and claim, instead, it was a spontaneous protest having nothing to do with the religion of peace, and now that whistleblowers are finally getting the legal protection they need to come forward, at least some of the truth (plain as day from moment one of the attack) is going to come out.

I am quite sure that Obama and Clinton will manage to escape the fire, despite already damning evidence and that which will come forth in the next few months — no has yet been allowed to talk with any of the survivors on the ground nor have their identities been revealed and it is going on 8 months after the attack. I’m quite sure that enough of a cover-up will remain in place to preclude starting impeachment proceedings against Obama.

There will be no true justice. The perpetrators of the attack still run footloose and fancy free and there has been no interest in finding them — indeed, when two known Al Qaeda operatives involved in the attack were caught and were being held immediately after the attack, the inexplicable (inexplicable if you are naive, that is) order was given to release them. Remember that? I’ll try to find the post where I blogged it at the time.

The people culpable for not only not sending in help to the Ambassador and those at the compound, of not providing them with proper protection to begin with and, indeed, reducing the scant protection that had been in place for them in the months prior to the attack, will go unpunished — Hilary Clinton, most particularly.

The media elites who chose to not pursue the story, to not investigate, to not call into question the absolutely laughable explanation of the attacks, will not suffer. Four dead Americans is an acceptable trade-off in their eyes to have made sure that the Obama meme was maintained and that Obama won re-election.

And Obama himself will continue to be the protected tyrant-in-chief.


8 responses to “Benghazi cover-up finally being exposed”

  1. Lynne says :

    This is starting to blow up. It is the fault of the corrupt mainstream media that constantly downplayed Benghazi and in fact, many of the media sites did not even cover it at all—period. The media sources were complicit in covering this up. On the other hand, Hilary Clinton conveniently was “sick” and was unavailable for weeks and weeks and when she did talk, she was clearly in cover-up mode. Now it is coming out that Clinton herself along with top WH aide, Patrick Kennedy went around and over the terrorism task force to make decisions. Now…finally even the Dems are trying to distance themselves from Clinton and Obama. One survivor of the attack is still hospitalized and the medical records of this person has a fake name…the committees could not even get a list of the survivors. The lies, the threats, the cover-up…I wish that this would lead to Obama’s impeachment. Clinton is vile; she does not have a shred of morals in her body.

    • Mac says :

      You said it, Lynne!

      • Lynne says :

        Mac, you can believe that there are many people who are working rigorously to try to suppress the truth. The news media is reporting it now—reluctantly, I imagine, but only because the story will get out anyway without them now that people are coming forward. They worry about losing credibility, I’m sure, with their readers and viewers, if they continue to participate in the cover-up. I saw that pig Candy Crowley interviewing someone on the issue and my thought was that the network has their nerve having her do the interview after her “performance” on Obama’s behalf during the debates. SHE has lost all credibility. CNN is doing a better job of unbiased, factual reporting now that they have a new CEO and have gotten rid of the corrupt crew from the Far Left. All most of us want is unbiased reporting, not reporting favorable to our own point of view, just honest facts so that we can try to form just opinions. CNN has Jake Tapper now!

  2. Lynne says :

    CNN has Jake Tapper! Now CNN is worth watching as this investigative reporter does quality investigations not just cheer leading and cover-ups for Obama.

  3. Mac says :

    Jake Tapper has been the only one in the MSM to actually seem to be asking a tough question. The lack of reporting on this issue has had me steaming since it happened!

    • Lynne says :

      Mac, I don’t take MSNBC for anything more than propaganda, and frankly, I was boycotting watching CNN absolutely until the CEO was replaced by Jeff Zucker, getting rid of some of the most biased media personalities at CNN. Candy Crowley should have been fired for her debate performance which was so unprofessional and clearly biased. Zucker got rid of some of the worst there and hired Jake Tapper, who was at CBS *but restrained by CBS’s biased reporting*. He and Lara Logan at CBS were really the only voices (outside of Fox News) who had the courage to ask questions at all. The rest of the msm was in promote Obama mode, which included participating in the cover-up. It will be viewed more clearly in the future as a time when the media was clearly complicit in a cover-up and had an elect Obama agenda, not the news and certainly not unbiased reporting. I take most of the msm reporting with a grain of salt, being aware of media manipulations.
      When I was in grad school, studying political sociology, I learned that Katharine Graham considered not reporting on the initial incident that exposed Nixon and led to Watergate. The media has huge power. Unfortunately, it is being used now to support and protect Obama from exposure. Even simple facts like Obama’s families royal lifestyle are hidden from Americans, a fair number of whom are struggling financially.

    • israeliminx says :

      Jake Tapper and also sharyl attkisson (I think at CBS) who has broken a few bombshells on the story and asked some tough questions (not that she got any answers). But yeah, the lack of coverage, the WH now trying to tarnish the reputations of the whistleblowers and just about the only coverage on the MSM, outside of Fox, is them repeating the White House talking points. Makes me steamed and just ill.

  4. Lynne says :

    ooops. That should be “Obama’s family’s royal lifestyle”. Typing too fast!

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