Early morning garden discoveries

With one of the tomato plants, we are closer than ever in finding out what kind of tomato it is going to produce: Baby tomato on one of the plants! I’ve got to put some more support ties around a bunch of the tom plants today as they are reaching for the skies as fast as they can.

Three hot peppers are growing. I knew about one of them but wow two more have emerged. The biggest discovery was the sweet bell pepper. I don’t know how I managed to miss it. I examine that bell pretty closely. Hidden down among the foliage, however, there is a green pepper half the size of my hand! The plant is still flowering.

I took pictures of the garden on Saturday but I’ve not yet figured out how to put them on the website. I’m out of monthly space on my free flikr account and so tried putting these up via Google’s Picasa. I haven’t figured out how to do the embed for them that works with wordpress yet. Even just from Saturday, the garden has grown and grown.

I graded papers yesterday until my eyes glazed over and need to continue doing the same today. If I get a chance, however, I want to go and dig up/prepare a bed all along the low wall that people throw the most trash over and that has nothing but weeds growing next to it — I want to try black-eyed susans and some zucchini along there, even though it doesn’t get more than 3 or so hours of sun currently. In the summer, it will get up to 5 hours, I think, so…worth a try!

One response to “Early morning garden discoveries”

  1. israeliminx says :

    BTW if anyone knows of any really good black ant deterring plants to grow, please let me know. The huge black ants have eaten all three of the marigold plants I put around the tomatoes and sweet pepper literally overnight (you can’t tell there was a plant there except for the depression in the soil!) and are building a house next to one of the tomatoes — does not bode well for that tomato plant. Sigh, I have got red ants in the house and black ants in the garden. Both bite — I always thought black ants didn’t bite but gardening has taught me differently…

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