First week of May garden pics

So here are the promised garden pictures (yes, I gave myself an early birthday present and bought the 3 month flickr pro deal for 7 dollars — I’m figuring I’ll want to take lots of pics of the garden during prime growing time).

Here you can see two of the tomato plants, the hot pepper (that has 3 peppers growing on it), one of the celery plants, a bunch of the loose leaf lettuce, a marigold, and a rocket.100_0030
Another tomato and the sweet pepper. At the far right you can see one of the much smaller, started-from-seed cherry tomato plants peeking into the frame and a bit of lettuce planted around it. In the space next to the pepper and tom, I’ve got radishes planted.100_0027
Parsley and lavender planted around one of the rose bushes: 100_0024
The free flower plant (no idea what it is or if it is an annual or perennial) I saved from death:100_0026
Mint going wild around another rose (and some flowers and oregano in there): 100_0023
The experimental tomato bed. That narrow strip along there gets afternoon sun but the spots in the shade on either side don’t get sun for even a nano-second: 100_0021
And this is the untouched and weed-over-run section that I’m hoping to get some of the black-eyed Susans and maybe some zucchini planted into: 100_0037
More pics of other garden delights and some of the garden cats can be seen here for those interested (ahem, Ema 🙂


2 responses to “First week of May garden pics”

  1. Lynne says :

    You have worked wonders on your little bit of land there! I imagine the Black-eyed Susans will work in that spot, but you may want to try to enrich the soil a bit for the zucchinis. It is all looking good, and I can hardly wait to see it myself when I come to Israel. I’ll help with weeding!

    • israeliminx says :

      🙂 Yay, thank you. It would take another 3 years just to get the primary veggie bed (picture 1) into really decent productivity state but the areas I’ve managed to get even a bit of compost into are already flourishing four-fold over last summer when I started.

      I’m not betting on the zucchinis to do anything other than look ornamental. Last year I planted them in the most-enriched soil I had and they looked pretty and lush and flowered but didn’t produce even one fruit. So meh, on them … I’m saving the compost for things that did make food last year, even under seriously adverse conditions 🙂

      I can’t wait until you are here. I’ve got a ton of areas that I’m clueless about what to plant in and compared to you, Ms. Green Thumb, I’ve always been a homicidal maniac when it comes to plants!

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