What did Castro’s daughters know? And where were the police?

Arlene Castro was the best friend of Gina DeJesus and the last person to see her before she disappeared. She was interviewed on America’s Most Wanted back in 2004 and said that she had borrowed .50 cents from Gina to call her mother to ask permission to go play at Gina’s house but her mother said no. According to her story, Gina, now short of her bus fare, walked toward home alone…and disappeared. Is that really what happened? According to the police report, Gina has said Castro approached her with his daughter and so she got in the car to go play at Arlene’s house but instead was taken to the house on Seymour Avenue.

Not long after Gina’s disappearance, Arlene’s step-father spoke repeatedly with both police investigators and a private investigator hired by the DeJesus family urging them to take a closer look at Ariel Castro in Gina’s disappearance. Now is where things start to get a bit more intriguing. Shortly after the step-father went to the police, Castro’s two daughters began making sexual abuse allegations against the step-father (and he was convicted of the abuse). Castro, who had largely ignored his daughters prior to Gina’s disappearance, suddenly began visiting them regularly, began showering them with expensive gifts, hounded the police over the sexual abuse allegations, and was one of the main witnesses in the trial to put the step-father away.

Flash forward to 2007. Castro’s older daughter, Emily, was convicted and sentenced to 30 years jail time in Indiana of trying to kill her out-of-wedlock 11-month old daughter — she slashed the baby’s neck 4 times with a razor blade. She had only relocated (maybe fled?) to Indiana a couple of weeks before and at the time she tried to kill the baby was jobless and had run out of money. At the trial her lawyers and even prosecution psychiatrists claimed she was mentally ill (as well as having relatively severe learning disabilities) because she was having delusions that family members were out to kill both her daughter and her if she didn’t get rid of the baby. She claimed she had fled Ohio trying to save them both but had come to the conclusion that her only option was to kill the baby. Sounds delusional for sure…until you discover that her father has kidnapped and been holding captive and sexually assaulting three young girls for 10 years (two of whom were classmates of both Emily and Arlene), beat and starved one of them repeatedly to force miscarriages, and nearly hourly more gruesome details are emerging… DNA test on Emily’s child, anyone?

And I’m not one to excuse anyone who attempts to kill a child, or anyone else, but I also know there can be, in rare circumstances extenuating circumstances, and this just might be one of them. I think this situation warrants taking a closer look at Emily, her child, and her trial and sentence.


2 responses to “What did Castro’s daughters know? And where were the police?”

  1. Lynne says :

    What does this case say about the US? First of all, it says that we have mostly incompetent detectives and police. We do really. I know of two local deaths, both suspicious and one ruled a homicide, where investigations were so botched as to be unbelievable. Fortunately, in Texas, we do have the Texas Rangers who have sense and professionalism. That is certainly not the case elsewhere where the FBI and police ignore clues, contaminate crime scenes, and fail to follow up. And, have you watched any of the interviews with some of the neighbors that saw strange things going on and did nothing? There was a mother with two daughters who saw a naked woman crawling in the backyard and did nothing. These women were so dumb that they could hardly make sentences much less sense. And just look at our crime here and the gruesome, sickening types of crimes that are prevalent. There are people in our society who have extreme problems and never get help (or get locked up). The US justice system lets out thousands and thousands of deviants every year back into our communities. Do a search on your computer for sex offenders near your house… I bet you will find at least twenty (probably more) and many noted with red flags as being extremely dangerous. Our social services are a shambles, exist in name only without doing the job that they were intended to do. It is a mess.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    This kidnapper Ariel is nothing less than a monster. He should be get rid of by one way or another but I am not sure he will be punished to the measure of his evil deeds. After all, he probably would have killed these women at a later stage when he would have been older I assume.

    On those who believe in peace with Muslims. Let hear the idea of peace that the Egyptians have. For those who wonder, Israel blindly signed a peace treaty with Egypt with a “land of peace” abomination, ceding the entire Sinai to Egypt.
    Read “Islamic cleric in Gaza, rejects Israel’s existence” at http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4378261,00.html
    Here is what one of them says:
    Yusuf al-Qaradawi says ‘This land has never once been Jewish. Palestine is for the Arab Islamic nation’.

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