quick garden update..larger one coming later today

I’ve had a lot on my plate today and didn’t get to do more than just look at the garden this morning when I went out to put food for the garden kitties. I found 8 hot peppers growing (yee haw), 5 baby tomatoes (all on the same plant but lots of the plants are flowering), and that one of the celery plants is forming seed heads (doh, this heat!). I’m going to clip off and eat all the stalks on it except for the ones growing the seed heads and let it go to seed in the hopes of getting some volunteer celery plants next year. I’ll use those stalks in a soup and stir-fry as their taste will be more bitter than I’d like in a salad.

In the morning I’m going to harvest a lot of lettuce leaves for fresh salads tomorrow — early morning is the best time to harvest leafy veggies as they are at their plumpest with water and so at their most tasty.

I’ve changed my mind on composting strategy. later this afternoon I’m going to dig compost pits where I plan to plant the zucchini and put the mix of things you need for quick 30-day compost into them. 30-day compost is less packed with nutrients than the longer curing variety but still several hundred fold better than the soil there now. Then, I’m going to just plant the zucchini seeds directly atop the compost pit as soon as it has reached cool-down state.

So, in a few hours I’ll be heading out to the garden to see what all I can do: Water, start some more seeds, and grub about…


2 responses to “quick garden update..larger one coming later today”

  1. Lynne says :

    Take a picture of the compost pits. I want to try this strategy for an area here that has very poor soil. I”m on the west side of Austin, Texas, and we have thin, rocky soil, and it always needs to be enriched.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Ema, not sure anyone else wants to see piles of things in varying stages of turning into dirt — I’ll take some pics and send them to you. I will, though, do a post on how I am making my quickie compost that has proved to be invaluable.

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