Jay Carney digging with a mighty big shovel

If ya thought the credibility of the White House couldn’t get any lower, you’d be wrong. Jay Carney, in his latest press briefing, told some outright lies and stupid lies, easily checked and easily shown to be lies. The Weekly Standard did just that.

Both ABC and CBS news have as their presidents folks with a sibling not only in the White House, not only working for Obama, but whose work is intimately tied in to the Benghazi cover-up. While they’d be covering for Obama anyway, they are doubly motivated to help suppress this story as a result. Talk about a conflict of interest.


One response to “Jay Carney digging with a mighty big shovel”

  1. Lynne says :

    I heard one reporter say that they cannot stand to be lied to, and that it is obvious that they were lied to about Benghazi. It was ABC that allowed the report which was not favorable to Obama to be aired…maybe they don’t want to go down with Obama. Perhaps ABC is allowing a trickle of information out, but will suppress the rest. CBS is on my boycott list, and I don’t even check to see their headlines and their bias. I avoid every second of CBS.
    Yes, conflict of interest. The media handed Obama the presidency. If there is a formidable group of people that are exposing this travesty of justice, it may be that the corrupt media will not be able to suppress it all now. Bet that they will try though…

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