Hot water!!! Midrag is awesome and so is Udi

So the landlord has been awol (as in maybe out of the country — they vacation a lot — but at least not answering my calls). I’ve done sponge baths for three weeks and washed my hair in frigid water. Enough. So here is my plug for midrag, the service that has ratings of service providers and that has not steered me wrong so far (right now their English pages are offline but if you can navigate in Hebrew you can choose the highest rated providers yourself or call them at their free number and get recs in English; I did the former and the latter because I wasn’t sure if I needed a hot water heater specialist or an electrician) and for Udi, the electician. Awesome.

He had to un-jerry-rig the wiring that had been done on the previous switch installation. Then he tried 4 different replacement boxes but the wall was too crumbly around the hole for them to be inset and connected properly. So then he essentially replaced part of the wall around it with the equivalent of quick-drying cement and installed a much more substantial casing. In the meantime, he made friends with Batya, Mischa and Tinoket and tried to discover why none of the lights or switches in the hall function — I didn’t ask him to do so and he was going to fix it for free if it was an easy fix (sadly, as I told him when he started tinkering, it is even in my lease that none of those lights or outlets function and that means it is a major snafu and he was like holy hell who wired this!).

He got the hot water to function and a new timer switch on it — every evening at 8 that sucker will go on for half an hour and then go off, giving me my hot water needs for the day. He had to work for nearly 4 hours on it with the re-wiring, trying various ever larger casings, and then rebuilding a bit of the wall there. While we were waiting for the new wall to dry we talked about what a disappointment Lapid is (hello, the “I’m for the little guy” raising taxes on just about everything this past week!?!), my cat rescue efforts, and a bit about the garden for social justice in action as a bootstrap effort and not just demands from the government.

He’d quoted me on the phone a price of 280 sheks plus cost of any replacement hardware and tax. That came to 360 sheks. I only had 320 on me and I was going to run to the cash machine for the rest but he was like no, no, it is ok. I think it was Batya that won his heart but he has both a good heart and a good soul. About half an hour after he left, he called to remind me that we’d put the hot water heater on ‘on’ and not to forget to turn it off. I’d already just done so (salivating for a nice hot shower!) but how nice was that to be thinking about how high my electric bill would shoot if I didn’t realize I needed to turn it off and so to call and remind me.

If you are centrally located, I can’t recommend Udi more highly. Awesome!! 052-243-2935

4 responses to “Hot water!!! Midrag is awesome and so is Udi”

  1. erin says :

    Is this typical of Israel rental living or are you just lucky to have such a gem of a landlord….

  2. erin says :

    Well that is interesting…for all the hi-tech fabulousness of Israel, wouldn’t have guessed that hot water was not a given. Would love at some point to pick your brain about aliyah and how that process worked with you being a teacher and animal lover extraordinaire. Even though I have not made it to Israel yet, there is something in my being that won’t let this idea go…

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