‘Moderate’ Boston Bombers’ Mosque Told Congregants to Beat Their Wives

The Islamic Society of Boston, the mosque attended by Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev and other family members, posted an article on its website in September 2004 that advocated beating wives as a last resort to force them to “behave.”

“Hang up the whip where the members of the household can see it, for this is more effective in disciplining them. Seeing the means of punishment hanging up will make those who have bad intentions refrain from indulging in bad behaviour, lest they get a taste of the punishment. It will motivate them to behave themselves and be good mannered,” the article stated, in part.

The author of the article, Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajid, also wrote a number of articles encouraging hacking Jewish websites as part of the “war on Jews” and a variety of other anti-Semitic articles.
Read more at the Daily Caller


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